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"Medicine" jumped forward, set sail!Putuo District Health and Health System Sixth Employee Games opening

In order to better implement the national strategy of “healthy China”, to promote the construction of Health Putuo, and further improve the physical and mental health and comprehensive quality of the majority of employees in the entire system, on April 21, “Strive ‘Medical” leap forward and set sail to set sail and set sail.The journey -the 6th employee sports meeting of the Health and Health System of Putuo District opened at the Cao Yang Second Middle School Stadium.

Along with the cheerful and powerful music, 23 teams from the Putuo District Health and Health Committee and the 23 teams of the health and health units of the system were lined up with neat teams.Fighting and style.

Some unit admission performances

In the opening ceremony, the leaders of the meeting expressed warm congratulations to the successful holding of this Games, expressing kindly greetings and good wishes to the active athletes, and hope that everyone will work hard to “medical” and achieve particularly good results; unite “medicine”Heart, gather particularly strong power;” medicine “has nothing to light up, lighten the particularly burning future.

Athlete representatives and referee representatives have vowed, saying that they will adhere to the principles of fairness, fairness, and disclosure, carry forward the sports spirit of unity, friendship, and hard work, strictly abide by the rules of the competition and promote sports morality.

Before the opening ceremony, the torch of this sports meeting was passed on to the representatives of 23 units, showing not only the relay of fire, but also the spiritual relay of unity and cooperation and advancing together.At the event site, Zhou Yan and three Putuo Health advanced workers ignited the main torch together.The flames of the burning flames, like the enthusiasm and determination of the majority of medical employees’ inner business officers, illuminate the road that strives to “medicine” and go forward.

Ignite the main torch

With the end of the warm -up performances such as “The Power Gongs and Drums” and “Eight Duan Jin” rhythm exercises, the tug of war officially kicked off.With the referee’s crisp whistle, the stadium was instantly drowned in the deafening shouting, and the players of the two sides tightly grasped the rope in their hands, worked together, and worked together to “pull” back.

Tug of war championship and runner -up duel

The contestants said that the sports meeting fully demonstrated the mental state of Putuo’s health and health system “unity, upward, tough, and forever climbing peak”.All medical employees in Putuo District will also take the opportunity of this Games as an opportunity to continue to carry forward the sports spirit of solidarity and hard work on the field, never defeat, and surpass themselves.Career generals to escort the health and safety of the people of Putuo.

Reporter: Xue Song

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