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Yun Sizhi debuted at the Education Equipment Exhibition, and the education and technology of artificial intelligence and technology out of the "new spark"

AI Knowledge Map, AI Q & A, AI writing … At the 83rd Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition, a number of new applications for digital technology and artificial intelligence in the field of education appeared.During this exhibition, Yun Sizhi, an educational digital comprehensive service provider of its operations, appeared at this current equipment exhibition with high -quality assignments, after -school services and smart sports, showing the charm of science and technology empowering education.
In the era of artificial intelligence, how can technology empower education?What kind of “chemical reactions” will happen to the traditional models in various education scenarios?Yun Sizhi gave answers through real application cases, making education more efficient, while paying more attention to the change of the changes of education from the knowledge.
The person in charge of Yun Sizhi said that Yun Sizhi relying on his assignments to help artificial intelligence technology, big data technology, cloud computing capabilities, and a large amount of resource data that have precipitated in the past ten years.And “as a mission, better use scientific and technological means to help digital transformation of education.
Yun Sizhi and products such as high -quality assignments, after -school services and smart sports are unveiled at the current equipment exhibition.Interviewee confession
Technology empowering education presents a new look
In the past year, the gratifying changes have quietly occurred in the campus ninth middle school in Yangcun, Wuqing District, Tianjin: Introducing a high -quality operating system, based on smart paper and pen, the premise of not changing students’ paper and pen and teacher correction habits to achieve homeworkData normalization and analysis. Students have personalized “cleaning” the difficulty of knowledge learned every week, analyzing problems in a timely manner, and summarizing problems and solving problems.
Students are no longer passively accepted, and they start to actively analyze themselves and become the “masters” of learning; “teaching according to their aptitude” gradually enters the reality. Each student’s exclusive wrong question set and personalized assignments are unique … drive precise teaching, help improve quality increase to increase quality increaseEffect, this is the new “spark” collided with science and technology and education.
As the key scene of school education, homework runs through the entire semester of compulsory education.After the “double reduction” landing, schools in various places accelerate the reform of education and teaching innovation, and it is imperative to reduce, reduce burden, improve quality, and increase efficiency.How to let teachers choose homework suitable for students in massive teaching resources?How to get students from the tactics of the seas?Nympho
Yun Sizhixue’s high -quality operation solution research and development is based on this background.Facing the strong needs of schools, teachers, and students for high -quality operations, Yun Sizhi used artificial intelligence and other technologies to digititize traditional operations, developed a full -process service system for digital operations, and promoted the normalization of school personalized learning and accurate teaching.application.
Different from traditional technology companies, Yun Sizhi has the dual engine of “education+technology”.In terms of technology, for many years, we have deeply cultivated the field of online education and accumulated more than 600 independent patented technologies in the field of online education. The latest Galaxy Model of Galaxy is also gradually playing the role of the cornerstone base to achieve multi -disciplinary knowledge answers, creative writing, and writing, creative writing, and creative writing.Autonomous questions, companionship tutoring and other functions; in terms of teaching and research, the assignment gang has a massive question bank of more than 980 million, and it is still growing at a speed of 3 million per month.
In addition to helping students realize personalized learning, how will they help teachers reduce burdens and increase efficiency?At this exhibition, the high -quality operating platform displayed by Yun Sizhi can provide intelligent corrections for teachers and students based on natural language processing technology and machine learning algorithms.
In addition to providing teachers with high -precision questions, Yun Sizhi also exclusively developed the “high -quality operation quality assessment system”.The seven major dimensions such as structural rationality, in the selection of topics, assisted teachers to evaluate the quality of operation design to help teachers’ operational design ability improvement.
Galaxy models are also gradually playing the role of cornerstone bases.Interviewee confession
“High -quality operating system” helps precise teaching and improve quality and efficiency
In Nanjing Xuanwu Foreign Language Primary School, teachers spend a lot of time to take the lead in correction of homework, and the mechanical repeated correction operation tasks are handed over to the “high -quality operating system” introduced by the school.Used in the analysis and precision preparation of classes.
Yun Sizhi’s “High -quality Operations System” is carried out based on the daily teaching habit of teachers during design.Applications and other aspects to achieve quality improvement and efficiency.
“We will provide a high -precision question bank for the school, and at the same time there are convenient operating operating systems. There are a variety of data acquisition equipment intelligent collection operations, testing and other data. After completing the study and collectionDesign, and empower teachers’ precise teaching and personalized learning, operation supervision and management can make overall management of regional and school overall operations.
Yun Sizhi is guided by teaching goals, selecting 13 million questions, covering the question bank of the whole subject, and providing teachers with high precision sources.At the same time, the “high -quality operation quality assessment system” helps teachers to achieve layered, elastic, and personalized work design.
Taking the assignment time assessment as an example, teachers can see the estimated duration of each job in the system.After the teacher completes the questions, the system will automatically match the matching of similar questions, so as to achieve an estimation of the answering time, and to achieve the collection and records of the operation duration.
In the collection of academic conditions, the “high -quality operating system” through OCR recognition (optical character recognition), image recognition, AI algorithm and other cutting -edge technologies are applied to high -sweeping instruments, smart operating machines, smart paper pens, ink screens, mobile terminals and other full scenariosCollect the terminal to achieve the large -scale, normal, high accuracy, unsightly, non -burden of incubation of students ‘assignments and teachers’ correction data, and can achieve printed by the results of correction results.
It is reported that by introducing cutting -edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, the recognition and correction of each page of operations can be completed within 1 second. The coverage of more than 85%can be corrected, and the accuracy rate of correction is 99.9%.At this stage, the excellent teaching and research team accumulated by live lessons to perform artificial verification and marks relying on the live lessons, and it is necessary to wait about 30 minutes.
Subsequently, the system combined daily operation data, classroom data, and examination data to accurately evaluate the students’ learning situation. The auxiliary teachers were based on precise teaching.At the same time, it can provide multi -dimensional analysis of class and grades, providing managers with comprehensive academic reports to help realize digitalization of regional education governance.
Yun Sizhi has a dual engine of “Education+Technology”.Interviewee confession
Digital empowerment school post -school service and sports education “upper level”
The post -school service in the era of artificial intelligence also has a new look.After introducing the digital management platform and curriculum supermarket after the Yunsi after class, Panjin Liaohe Oilfield Shengli Primary School based on the school’s characteristics and teachers’ characteristics, a total of 37 post -service courses were set up, 150 courses were set up, and 1704 were helping 1704 through the digital platform.Students can easily complete personalized and autonomous courses, and generate exclusive schedules for 130 teachers. While providing rich courses in large -scale, they meet the individual needs of students’ diverse development.
Relying on the platforms and courses provided by Yun Sizhi, school teachers have reduced the burden of preparation and lectures.Before the class, the teacher only needs to learn the full picture of the course through 10-15 minutes; in the class, the online teacher conducts the course explanation. The offline teacher is responsible for organizing classrooms, driving students’ interaction, hands-on operation, etc., get rid of the “restraint” of the teaching department, andLet each teacher have the ability to organize literacy and interest classes.
How to empower after -school service innovation?Yun Sizhi uses new concepts, new technologies, and new methods to create high -quality courses, providing more than 200 high -quality courses, covering specialty courses, literacy, community courses, etc., and resolving the contradiction between the large -scale supply and personalized needs from the source.At the same time, seven business application ports (education bureaus end, school side, patrol side, teacher side, class, parent end, institutional side) solve the problem of optimization of the entire process of service and full scenes.
Up to now, Yunsi after -school service has been in more than 20 provincial administrative regions across the country, and has landed more than a hundred regional post -school service platforms.Growth.
Physical education in the era of artificial intelligence has also been renewed.After cooperating with Yun Sizhi in Beijing Eleven Schools, the school has been completed and implemented automatic timing of 50 meters and 100 meters. The rope skipping, and the pull -ups are automatically counted.Collection and full -process monitoring students’ heart rates to achieve the goal of scientific monitoring exercise intensity and amount of exercise, and achieve the goal of scientific exercise and safety exercise.
Traditional sports teaching lacks targeted guidance, and the teaching methods of teachers’ “whistle+stopwatch” are difficult to meet the requirements of sports precision teaching.It can be seen in Yun Sizhi’s exhibition area that relying on smart cameras, intelligent wearable devices, and intelligent physical testing terminals, it has created full -scene solutions covering national physical testing, classroom teaching, after -school exercise, family homework, academic diagnosis and educational decision -making.
Heart rate arm straps accurately monitor students ‘heart rate, and report to the police in a timely manner for abnormalities to prevent exercise damage; data externalization display to help teachers arrange the intensity of classroom exercise reasonably; accurately prepare classes based on students’ thin points to improve the quality of teaching in physical education;Health issues help scientific decision -making … Starting from these actual scenes, truly solve the school’s needs.
Today, Yunsi Smart Sports has covered multiple scenes of daily teaching, national testimony, family homework, after -school exercise, academic diagnosis and educational decision -making.
Beijing News reporter Feng Qi
Editor Miao Chenxia School Division Fu Chunzheng
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