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Green food reputation, gold and silver, silver and black land

□ Our reporter Li Jian Li Tianchi

The total number of “three products” certification ranks first in the country’s deputy provincial -level cities.With “food heads and tails” and “agricultural head tail” as the starting point, give full play to the advantages of resource and closely combining regional characteristics, in -depth development of “original font” agricultural products, continuously developing to deep processing, and improving the industrial chain and value chain to improveTo benefit, the city’s green agricultural products and agricultural processing industries have shown a good momentum of development, which has contributed an important force to the province’s agricultural and deep processing industrial clusters into trillion industrial clusters.

The total number of “three products” certification ranks first in the country’s deputy provincial cities

During the high -quality harvest season, the reporter came to the planting base of Agricultural Co., Ltd., Qiaofu Courtyard of Wuchang City.Entering the base, the reporter saw the golden paddy field, and large machinery was busy harvest.Li Zhiyu, vice president of the company, said: “In order to ensure that our rice can be green and organic, we use green food rice and lettuce technical operating procedures and organic food rice planting requirements., Completely follow the laws of nature for organic planting. “

This is just a microcosm of the green food industry in Harbin.According to reports, Harbin has continuously strengthened regulatory certifications, which has made new breakthroughs in the number of green organic food (landmark) certification.As of now, the city’s green food and organic agricultural product certification area is 10.43 million mu.Among them, the area of green food certification is 10.15 million mu; the area of organic agricultural product certification is 280,000 mu.The total number of obtained products is 723.Among them, 551 green food logo certifications; 170 organic agricultural products logo certification; 32 agricultural geographical logo products.The qualification rate for product sampling continues to stabilize more than 99.8%, and no major quality and safety incidents have occurred.The total number of “three products” certification ranks first in deputy provincial cities across the country.

During the interview, the reporter learned that Harbin City highlighted the construction of the base, and relying on the principles of “Yongnong, Agriculture, Yimu, and Yilin Felin”, relying on the potential and industrial foundation of various districts, counties (cities), and the industrial foundation, rice was concentrated to build rice.Ten major industrial belts such as rice bean, meat egg milk, and vegetable bacteria have initially formed a modern agricultural production structure and regional layout that is compatible with the market and matched with resource endowments.The five provincial -level modern agricultural industrial parks including Wuchang and Shuangcheng, Hulan, and Daowai have been established, forming a special processing industry cluster with food, medicine, and chemical industry with agricultural products as the main raw materials.In accordance with the requirements of “excellent varieties, large -scale layout, standardization of production, scientific and industrialization in operation, and operating industrialization”, accelerate the development of standardized raw materials production bases from dot -shaped distribution to the concentrated sheet shape.

Strict integrity management, continuously promoting the quality traceability of green food, organic agricultural products and geographical logo of agricultural products.Relying on the “rice network” high -quality enterprise main resources, Harbin City uses product certification and regulatory related systems as the starting point to guide green organic enterprises and cooperatives to carry out the construction of quality traceability systems and enter the agricultural product quality traceability platform.The city only relies on the provincial agricultural product quality and safety supervision platform. It has reached 260 green foods, organic agricultural products and geographical indicators of agricultural products, with a total area of 3.196 million mu.Quality trace the implementation of the responsibility of the main body of the enterprise, strengthen the control of the production process, further improve the quality and safety level of the product, effectively realize the green organic food base and the processing enterprise “producing records, tracking can be tracked, information can be queried, and quality can be traced”. “Effectively improved the integrity and credibility of “Bingcheng” green food.

Online and offline marketing agricultural products market share increased

“In July of this year, we participated in the” Gathering Land “project organized by Tmall Juggle, and launched a new pre -sale of new rice activities online. In just a few days, we successfully sold 80,000 rice, each of which is 10 pounds.Lin Mo, the person in charge of “Heilongjiang Qiuran Rice Industry Co., Ltd., who sold 800,000 pounds of rice.The business platform has opened its own micro -mall. For more than a year, it has sold 30 million tons of rice.During the interview, the reporter learned that at present, various agricultural product sales companies pay great attention to expanding marketing methods, and they will work online and offline.Relying on e -commerce leveling, strengthen online marketing.The city opened 1667 “Village Online Stores”, with a coverage rate of 93%, and more than 20 products online.More than 60%of leading enterprises use large flat -scale flat -scale flat -combined marketing with, Tmall, and Suning.

“Sell well well, and it is better to sell well. This requires our grain and food processing enterprises to continue to analyze big data and adjust production and planting structures according to market demand.” Heilongjiang and Grain Agriculture Co., Ltd.Song Tao, the company’s sales director, told reporters that they analyze the degree of preferences of various products based on the big data provided by the “Data Bank”, subdivide the crowd, and then quickly respond to adjust the product output reasonably.

In order to effectively expand the influence and popularity of the green food in Harbin City, Harbin City is focusing on the development of the exhibition economy.By participating in the Harbin Fair, the Farm Fair, the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition, the Shanghai Agricultural Exhibition, the Guangzhou Agricultural Exhibition, actively publicized and promoted the high -quality green agricultural products of Harbin City, bridged the enterprise, carried out production and sales, and promoted the deep integration of green food and the market in the city.

Harbin adheres to the principle of “government setting up and enterprise singing”, based on the province and radiating domestic marketing system, and establish and improve the marketing system for Harbin agricultural products.Vigorously open up the foreign market.The Harbin Green Agricultural Products Exhibition Center was established in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.Four vegetable cooperatives, including Yonghe and Shuangcheng District, have signed a cooperation agreement with the Shanghai West Suburban Agricultural Products Trading Company with the Shanghai Western Suburban Agricultural Products Trading Company to build a bridge from Harbin Caiyuanzi to the Shanghai cuisine basket.Harbin signed an agricultural product production and sales cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Haijixing International Agricultural Products Logistics Park. More than 100 high -quality agricultural products of more than 40 leading enterprises in Harbin City have successfully entered the Shenzhen market.”The company pays great attention to the development of the foreign port market. At present, there are distributors in 29 provincial capital cities, and a total of 152 city dealers in the country.” Lin Mo told reporters.

Extend the industrial chain to “eat dry” by agricultural products

In recent years, Harbin City has continuously extended the industrial chain of agricultural product processing, vigorously developed and deep processing, increased the added value, and “eat dry and squeezed” primary agricultural products.Data show that as of the end of 2018, the city’s agricultural product processing enterprises have developed to 1,536, of which 583 are planned, accounting for 38%of the total number of agricultural product processing enterprises; the achievement value of 76.12 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%year -on -year;%.At the same time, it is more prominent in brand building, which has significantly improved the popularity, reputation and influence of the enterprise.According to statistics, there are 154 famous brand -name companies in the city, of which: 18 well -known trademark companies in China, 36 well -known trademarks in Heilongjiang, and 100 city brand identification enterprises.Following the public brand of Chinese agricultural products regional, which has been loved by Wulun Rice, Fangzheng Rice, and Acheng sticky corn, Harbin Pokémon Modern Agricultural Agricultural Machinery Farmers’ Professional Cooperative produced by Harbin “Baotailong brand” in Heilongjiang won the 19th GreenThe Gold Award of the Expo; at the same time, Harbin Yanshou Rice has become a national -level agricultural geographical indication model at the 16th China International Agricultural Products Fair and the 4th National Agricultural Product Geographic Brand Promotion Conference.

According to reports, in recent years, relying on the advantageous industrial bases, Harbin has actively cultivated agricultural product processing leading enterprises.Focus on promoting the “246” project, namely: transform and upgrade 20 larger leading enterprises, cultivate 40 growth processing enterprises, and vigorously support 60 small and micro processing enterprises.Leading enterprises at the agricultural industry at or above the municipal level developed to 205, and the main business revenue reached 45.5 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%year -on -year.Fortune 500 and domestic Fortune 500 companies have launched investment promotion.A number of well -known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Chunhua Autumn Real Rice Processing were introduced.In addition, Harbin City has also issued a series of documents such as the “Harbin City to promote the accelerated development of industrial development”, and has introduced a series of preferential policies and measures to promote the rapid development of the agricultural product processing industry.

While developing and cultivating agricultural product processing enterprises, Harbin City has also made every effort to expand the scale of agricultural product processing industry.In accordance with the requirements of the Qiang County of Industrial Xingcun, actively organize districts, counties (cities) to rely on superior resource endowments to plan 27 characteristic pillar industries.In 2019, 14 industries such as grain, meat milk, fruit, vegetables, and bacteria were planned, and 30 agricultural products such as 5,000 tons of peanut processing of Cuicui Foods in Shuangcheng, 5,000 tons of peanut processing, and 60,000 tons of soybean protein of Founder Hexu food were planned.

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