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Are these 4 performances after getting up early?congratulations!More healthy and longevity

After getting up early

Your mental state

Is urination and defecation normal

Whether the appetite is normal

They are all healthy mirrors

If your 4 aspects are pretty good


Your physical health is better

More healthy and longevity

Let’s take a look with the small circle ~

After getting up early

4 performances of good health


Full of energy

Under normal circumstances, after a night of sleep, when waking up in the morning, you should feel energetic, full of vitality, and the body is in a relatively good state as a whole.

If you get up in the morning, you feel dizzy, fatigue, fatigue, sleeping, etc., may be caused by the night before, staying up late, insomnia, etc., or some hidden health hazards in the body, such as sleeping breathing at night, hypertension, or postureSexual low blood pressure, anemia, anemia, etc., if vision rotation, nausea, vomiting, etc. occur at the same time, you must not be removed from otolith disease, Meini disease, and even cerebrovascular disease.


The first urine in the morning is not only the product of human metabolism, but also a mirror of human health. The color, odor, and state of urine can reflect health problems.

Healthy morning urine has the following four characteristics

1. Color: light yellow

Normal urine is pale yellow. If the urine appears red, thick tea, soy sauce color and other abnormal colors, you need to be alert to the body may have a urinary system (kidney, ureter, bladder, urethral) disease.

2. Smell: Faintly ammonia smell

Normal urine is a faint ammonia flavor, but if you eat garlic, the urine will smell smelly.However, if the following two odors have the following odors, health problems may be foreshadowed.

● The urine smells “apple flavor”, and there may be diabetes.

● The urine smells a bad smell. It may be that bacterial infection causes urinary tract infection, and you need to seek medical treatment in time.

3. No foam, precipitation:

Normal urine is generally free of foam and precipitation. If “foam urine” appears, it may be a problem with the kidneys as if the eggs are stirred after adding water.

4. The urination is smooth and the amount of urine is moderate.


After getting up in the morning and after breakfast, it is the time point for the more active colorectal activity. It is more appropriate to choose these two time periods for regular defecation.

After finishing the stool, it is best to look back. If the stool is in line with the following 5 characteristics, it is healthier.

Healthy stool has the following five characteristics

1. Color: brown or yellow

Generally, brown or yellow. If the stool is black, red, and white, you must be vigilant.

Black stool:

When the amount of bleeding in the intestine is small and the speed is slow, the blood stays in the intestine for a long time, and most of the stool is black.

Red urination:

If the amount of bleeding is large, the blood stays in the intestine for a short period of time, and the stool is generally red.

White stool:

That is, the stool of the pottery may be a biliary obstruction caused by liver and gallbladder and pancreatic diseases, causing poor bile secretion, which causes the color to become lighter.

If the color of the stool is abnormal only accidental, don’t worry too much, you can think about whether there are special circumstances in the near future, such as eating certain foods or medicines, such as iron iron, oral activated charcoal, too much vegetable intake, eating eatenDuck blood or dragon fruit may cause changes in the color of the stool.

2. Properties: Soft strips are not sticky.

The healthy stools are mostly soft and soft. They do not stick in the stool pool, can float on the water, and the water rushes to clean.It is normal for the stool with a paste and not to form a block.

3. Smell: with slight smell.

The smell of the stool is generally slightly stinky. People who love meat will have a heavy stool. The taste of the stool of vegetarians will be lighter.

4. Subscribe 1 to 2 times a day is an ideal state.

5. Excessary within five minutes, without residual intentions.

The stool can be discharged naturally and smoothly within two minutes. The whole time does not exceed five minutes. After that, it feels relaxed. It is normal without residual stool.


Normal appetite

After a whole night of sleep, the body has been consuming energy but not eating, so under normal circumstances, the human body will feel hungry, and appetite will be better.

But if you wake up in the morning, you must be vigilant when you have loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.There may be digestive diseases, such as insufficient gastric motility, indigestion, gastritis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, etc.

It may also be that I ate too much the night before, and the food has not been fully digested.The above reasons may cause situations that do not want to eat in the morning.

Get up early and do 3 things

1. Get up slowly:

When I wake up, I just open my eyes and lie on the bed for 30 seconds. After getting up, I sit for 30 seconds, sit by the bed for 30 seconds, and then get out of bed.In order to avoid accidents such as stroke and sudden death due to insufficient blood supply to the brain.

2. Drink a glass of warm water:

Baiki water is a better choice for the first glass of water in the morning.Drink a small amount when drinking water, not irrigation, and the amount of drinking water does not exceed 100 ml.Water temperature is best controlled at 20 ° C to 40 ° C, because hot water will increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

3. Eat nutrition breakfast:

Breakfast time is suitable for 7: 00 to 8: 00.Food needs to contain carbohydrates, protein, lecithin, vitamins and minerals. According to the above principles, two vitality breakfast is recommended:

● 1 cup of milk+1 egg+2 tablets of whole wheat bread+1 tomato;

● 1 cup of soy milk+1 sesame cake pinch beef and lettuce+1 small handle of nuts (walnut, pine nuts, etc.).

Health tip

1. After getting up early, 4 performances of good health:

● Energy;

● Urine is normal;

● Normal defecation;

● Normal appetite.

2. Get up early and do 3 things:

Get up slowly, drink a glass of warm water, and eat nutritious breakfast.

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