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What misunderstandings should be paid to the exercise of middle -aged and elderly people?

As we grow older, our body’s function will slowly decrease. In addition to changes in appearance, we will also face many health problems. To improve, exercise and fitness are a very healthy and effective means, and whileWhen we exercise for health, we will also persist better, because only long -term persistence can achieve a certain effect, but although exercise is good, we cannot do it at will, especially for middle -aged and old friends.In the course of exercise, there will be some misunderstandings. These misunderstandings will affect the effect of the movement, and the serious ones will cause physical injury and will play a reaction.

So, for middle -aged and elderly friends, what misunderstandings will occur during exercise?How can we better exercise?

Many middle -aged and elderly people think that the greater the exercise intensity, the better, and the effect of exercising can be achieved faster.However, this concept is wrong.The body of middle -aged and elderly people has experienced many years of wear and degeneration. If the exercise intensity is too large, it may cause damage to the body, such as muscle strain and joint wear.

Therefore, when moving exercise, middle -aged and elderly people should choose the exercise intensity that suits them according to their physical condition and exercise ability, and gradually increase the strength and time of exercise to avoid excessive burden on the body and during the exercise processAlso pay close attention to the feelings of the body. If you feel unwell, stop to rest or stop exercise.

Similar to exercise intensity, the longer the exercise time is better.Long -term exercise will lead to muscle fatigue and joint wear, increasing the risk of injury.In addition, excessive exercise may cause problems such as dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in the body.

Therefore, when moving exercise, middle -aged and elderly people should arrange exercise time reasonably. According to their physical condition and exercise purpose, choose the appropriate exercise time. Generally speaking, each exercise time is suitable for 30 minutes to 45 minutes.Don’t take too long, especially don’t exercise barely to complete the fixed time. If you don’t feel adaptive, stop immediately.

Many middle -aged and elderly people ignore warm -up and stretching after exercise and stretching after exercise.Warm -up exercise can help the body gradually enter the state of exercise and reduce the risk of injuries; the stretching movement can help muscle relaxation and relieve fatigue and sore after exercise.

Therefore, before the exercise of exercise, middle -aged and elderly people should conduct appropriate warm -up exercises, such as relaxed jogging, steps in place, etc.; After the exercise, stretching exercises should also be performed, such as stretching arms and legs.

Aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc., can indeed help improve cardiopulmonary function and enhance physical endurance.However, only aerobic exercise and ignoring force training will cause problems such as muscle atrophy and bone density, increasing the risk of falling and fractures.

Therefore, when exercising, middle -aged and elderly people should combine aerobic exercise and strength training to comprehensively improve their physical fitness.Power training can choose simple equipment training or self -weight training, such as push -ups, squats, etc.

Although exercise exercise is important, nutritional supplements and rest should not be ignored.When exercising, middle -aged and elderly people should pay attention to the reasonable diet, consume enough nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fat, and provide sufficient energy and nutritional support for the body.At the same time, there should be enough rest and sleep time to help the body recover and repair.

Some middle -aged and elderly people believe that exercise can replace drug treatment and even cure some chronic diseases.However, this concept is incorrect.Although exercise can help middle -aged and elderly people improve their physical condition, it cannot completely replace drug treatment.For some chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, drug treatment is essential.

While exercising, middle -aged and elderly people should follow the doctor’s advice and take medicine on time to achieve better treatment results.

In addition to physical misunderstandings, middle -aged and elderly people still have psychological misunderstandings in exercise.Many middle -aged and elderly people believe that exercise is only to exercise and ignore the positive role of exercise in psychological health.Exercise can help middle -aged and elderly people to relieve stress, improve emotions, and enhance self -confidence, etc., which plays an important role in improving psychological health.

Therefore, when moving exercise, middle -aged and elderly people should pay attention to psychological experience and enjoy the joy and relaxation of exercise.

In short, when exercising, middle -aged and elderly people should avoid the above misunderstandings. According to their physical conditions and exercise purposes, choose the way and intensity that suits them.At the same time, you should also pay attention to nutritional supplements and rest, comprehensively improve your physical fitness, and maintain a healthy life.

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