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The tenth national!Yongzhou Water Water "National Examination" has achieved the best results in recent years

Yongzhou City holds a press conference on the quality of the water environment_Doten.jpg

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Red Net Moment News March 25th News(Reporter Zhou Chun) On March 25, Yongzhou held a press conference on the quality of the water environment to introduce the quality of the water environment in Yongzhou.According to the quality ranking of waters and water environmental quality of the municipal and above cities and above cities and above cities and above, Yongzhou City ranked 10th in the country in the country, and the best achievement in Yongzhou in recent years is the only one in Yongzhou. It is also the only province’s only four consecutive years in a rowThe first 20 cities and states.

In 2023, the water quality of Yongzhou continued to improve, and for two consecutive years, it was obtained by the provincial government’s national control, provincial -controlled section city water quality comprehensive index and improvement of improvement inspections and inspections.52 countries and provincial control assessment sections ranked first in the province. The water quality of 5 counties and districts including Jianghua Yao’s autonomous counties ranked in the top 10 in the province. In 2023, Yongzhou Water Environment Management was evaluated by the ecological environment of the ecological environment of the Ministry of Ecological and Environment.Obviously places to be praised by the experience and practices.

In 2023, Yongzhou’s close responsibility system highlights the depth of “pipe water”.In the province, it is the first to formulate local regulations for the protection of drinking water sources, innovate the establishment and improve the problem of hidden dangers of ecological and environmental risks in the province to investigate and rectify the “one single and five systems”.Innovate the “official river length+folk river length” system, recruit more than 200 social volunteers as the folk river chief.

Yongzhou adheres to comprehensive policies and highlights the accuracy of “water control”.In -depth promotion of the seven major special governance actions, 203 drinking water sources in the provincial people’s livelihood projects, which are the first to complete the high -quality completion of the province and have been highly evaluated by the provincial government’s special inspection team for the special inspection team of the provincial government.The province took the lead in completing 140 riverside sewage outlets.In 2023, the city’s sewage pipe network has accumulated a total of 12.2.24 kilometers of new reconstruction pipe networks, with an investment of 571 million.The 13 county -level sewage treatment plants all meet the first -level A emissions standards. Six industrial parks have built centralized sewage treatment plants, and the sewage treatment facilities of 150 townships are fully covered.

In terms of deepening system protection and highlighting the dimension of “living water”, Yongzhou comprehensively strengthened the ecological protection and construction of important water source conservation areas. The number of wetland parks above the provincial level ranks first in the province; the total wetland area of the city is 45866.04 hectares, and the wetland protection rate reaches 70.61%.It will ensure the safety of drinking water as a key people’s livelihood project and achieve “one picture” management.

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