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Collaborative innovation of vocational education, higher education, and continuing education promotes the development of modern vocational education

On March 29, 2024, the Henan Provincial Higher Education Society, hosted by Professor Guan Bayi of Zhengzhou Tourism Vocational College, 2021 Henan Higher Education Research Key Project “High -quality Development of Vocational Education High -quality Development to help Henan Skills Society Construction” (2021SXhlx035) The project report and future and outlook seminar were carried out in the 303 conference room of the International School of Industry and Commerce.The project team members attended the meeting.

Professor Guan Bayi, the host of the project, reported the phased results obtained by the project and looked forward to future planning and ideas.Since the independence of this project, a series of investigations and research have been carried out around the high -quality development of modern vocational education and the construction of Henan’s skill society, and a certain research results have been achieved: 3 related papers have been published, and the research on high -quality development of modern vocational education is completed.”One, hosted the research and practice project of Henan Province Vocational Education Teaching Reform and Practice in 2022,” Research on Education and Vocational Training Practice of Vocational College Education and Vocational Training for Vocational Colleges, Construction of “Everyone’s Certificate and Skills” (Yu Jiao [2023] 03126) And Zhengzhou Vocational College of Tourism and Vocational College of Tourism in 2023 Education and Teaching Reform Research and Practice Project “Research and Practice of High Vocational College Education Education and Vocational Training” (JGXM-2023-08) has been established.

At the meeting, Professor Guan Bayi pointed out: “Putting the series of related projects together to study, discuss, integrate, integrate, and integrate with the purpose of building a group of high -quality teaching, teaching, research, scientific research, and application promotion results, in order to improve the results, in order to improveThe declaration of teaching and scientific research level and teaching achievement awards lays a solid foundation, promote the high -quality development of modern vocational education, realize the “everyone’s certificate holding, skill Henan ‘construction, and’ skill -type ‘social construction, and cultivate new productive forces.”

Associate Professor Sun Guoliang emphasized: “High -quality development of modern vocational education, education and vocational training, ‘Renren Certificate, and Skills Henan’ Construction is an important opportunity to help the development of vocational colleges.For important grasps, we must fully do the work of “teaching and educating people ‘.”

Associate Professor Liu Ruina of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and deputy director of the Personnel Department pointed out: “The research and focus of policies should be based on the core elements of the economic development of the local regional regional economic development.Henan ” to become the focus of the high -quality development of vocational education in Henan. “

Associate Professor Guo Ya, deputy secretary of the Party Branch and Deputy Dean of the School of International Business and Industry, emphasized: “As a teaching and scientific research department, we must do everything possible to explore the strategic significance of the construction of the” everyone’s certificate and skill in Henan ”.The construction of a skillful society ‘to accelerate the formation of new productive productivity. “

Talking about the future and outlook, the members of the project team agreed that they need to work in three aspects: First, continue to cultivate the results of the scientific research series based on projects and topic research, to launch a solid for the application of teaching results awards or scientific research achievements, laying a solidity, and laying a solid.The foundation; second, excavate and expand the potential of the team, declare higher -level projects, take the project as the carrier, and produce more education and scientific research results; finally, strengthen cooperation with other teaching and research teams, strengthen off -campus cooperation and exchanges, and clear the department of education and research departments with superior education and research departments.Research path.(Zhengzhou Tourism Vocational College Guan Bayi Liu Ruina)

Author unit: Zhengzhou Vocational College, Henan Higher Education Society 2021 Henan Province Higher Education Research Key Project “Research on High -quality Vocational Education High -quality Development to help Henan’s skill society construction (2021Sxhlx035); 2022 Henan Province Vocational Education and Teaching TeachingReform research and practical project “Study on the Path Study of Vocational College Education and Vocational Training Practice based on” Certificate of Renren Certificate and Skills Henan “(Yu Jiao [2023] 03126);Practical results of the Practice Project “Research and Practice of High Vocational College Academic Education and Vocational Training” (JGXM-2023-08).

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