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Let the patriotic love be rooted in the hearts of the youth -the military and land in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province explore the innovative school national defense education news observation

Let the patriotism be rooted in the hearts of teenagers

——The Zhengzhou Military Land in Henan Province Exploring and Innovation School National Defense Education News Observation

■ Jiao Jinghong China National Defense News reporter Wang Gencheng

Youth is the future of the country and the hope of the nation, and it is also the key group of national defense education.How to focus on young people and let national defense education truly enter the campus and become a compulsory course for young students. It is an urgent and realistic era test in front of the whole society.

In recent years, the military land of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province has focused on cracking the contradictions of adolescent defense education from the aspects of mechanism, content, and methods, embedded the red classroom into teaching courses, integrated daily learning, and cultivated the country in the hearts of young people.

In this issue of “Viewpoint”, we walked into some small and small schools in Zhengzhou City to conduct field investigations, sorting out and summarizing their experience methods, and understanding the practice and thinking of Zhengzhou Army to answer the test questions in this era.


Students from the second primary school in Huanghe Road in Zhengzhou City came to the red education base of the third dry and off in Zhengzhou.

Starting from students, which lesson is the most lacking course on the course?

“Qiangxin Course” walks into the schedule

On the morning of March 25th, 44 students in the seventh grade (10) class (10) of the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Henan Province, led by the 13 national flag class in the “costume”, solemnly raised the national flag and sang the national anthem.EssenceLater, they entered the classroom and took a national defense education course under the title “If I Born in 1937”.

“We have to create a prestigious school, and we must create a model of national defense education.” Jin Junliang, the principal of the school, said that national defense education cannot be like a gust of wind. The leader emphasizes a while.Essence

Subsequently, Jin Junliang talked about a period of experience in the understanding of national defense education.

In August two years ago, leaders of the educational departments of the city and district levels attended the opening ceremony of the new military training organized by the school.Standing in the sun for less than 20 minutes, the students in the team were squatting and fainting.

“The physical fitness of the current students is too weak.”

“Can children suffer hard?”

Seeing this, the teachers on the court were worried, and the parents outside the field were worried.

Soon after, a group of survey data on national defense education settled in the school leadership case: less than 30%of students’ cognition about national defense knowledge came from the mass media, and less than 2%came from school education.

“Teenagers are in the period of extraction of pregnancy, which is more important than learning knowledge. It is the most basic national defense education course for adults to make up for strong heart, strong body, and strong Zhizhi.”, I would like to ask: Why can’t I see the national defense education courses on the curriculum full of students?

Soon after, the lack of national defense education in primary and secondary schools also attracted the attention of Zhengzhou’s main leadership.An Wei, Secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and First Secretary of the Police Area, proposed at the Municipal Party Committee’s Army Meeting: “Young people are the hope of the future and the nation of the country. National defense education must start from the campus.”

In response to the reality of national defense education activities in small and medium -sized schools that cannot be caught and unable to fall, the Municipal Education Bureau and Zhengzhou Police District Political Work Office will carry out the establishment of national defense education model creation and national defense education boutique review activities; the education department will national defense educationIncorporate the inspection and assessment system of ideological and political courses in primary and secondary schools, and link with the school’s performance evaluation; the school will include national defense education in the teaching plan, enter the course table, enter the classroom, and regularly organize joint entrance examinations …

“You can’t wait for the gunshot to sound, only to think of national defense education.” Jin Junliang led the teachers of the Ministry of Education and Research to introduce the “strong heart” plan for the development of the school.National defense education activities such as Yinglie, History of Education, and Story “create a strong cultural atmosphere of national defense education.


Zhengzhou Zhongyuan District Organization Primary and Secondary School’s flag -raising ceremony and the pilot observation of the national flag ritual and national defense education entered the campus activities.

The school opens a research travel route. How can students go out of campus and society?

“Open Class” hot air

In the past two years, the former site of the Zhengzhou Railway Workers’ Night School, which Li Dazhao lectured, burst into a circle.Among the visitors who came, more than 60%were primary and secondary school students in the city and surrounding schools.

Last year, 5 small and medium -sized schools near the old site of the Zhengzhou Railway Workers’ Night School set up a research travel demonstration base here, becoming a “open -air classroom” for students without walls.

Earlier this year, Guancheng Innovation Street Primary School organized students to visit the former site of the Zhengzhou Railway Workers’ Night School. After listening to the explanation, the third -year student Li Tianhao said with emotion: “I did not expect that there was such a moving revolutionary story around us.”

The popularity of the Red Education Base has been related to the implementation of the research travel teaching plan of small and medium -sized schools in Zhengzhou Education Department.The research route has entered the red education base and has also walked through a “detour”.

In the past few years, when the school rose to start a study trip, the relevant leaders of Zhengzhou Army came to a key middle school to investigate national defense education.

The planned table shows that visiting Zhengzhou Science and Technology Museum, Henan Art Center, and Henan Provincial Art Museum, outdoors have experience activities such as mountain movement and summer camps.

“Children should go to these places to broaden their horizons. Should we go to our red places to visit and study?” Zhengzhou Police District leaders made suggestions.

“The combination of research routes and national defense education allows ‘open -air classroom’ more red and green and more ‘smoke flavor’.” The leaders of the Municipal Education Bureau also agreed with this view.

The towering Songyue land is scattered with more than 100 revolutionary bases and the former battle sites.Zhengzhou Army jointly explores the new path of national defense education in research travel in small and medium -sized schools.They named Zhengzhou named red education bases and revolutionary sites, etc., to guide the school to establish a joint education mechanism with the Red Education venues in the area under its jurisdiction.Open more than 20 red research routes to allow teachers and students to enter the place where the martyrs are fighting, and talk to the martyrs.

“The hot air can ignite the blood -boiling chest.” In the Weisan Road Primary School in Jinshui District, the reporter opened the school’s 2024 research plan to see: coordinate the military organization’s military “summer camp”, coordinate the “military camp opening day”2. Invite the military officers and soldiers to carry out military training … Every month, there are research activities, and 90%are related to military and military camps.

Regarding the changes in the research plan, the school’s sense of leadership is quite deep: “Some books need to read with heart; some roads need to walk with feet. National defense education is expensive and silent. During the research travel activitiesAnd ideas that can improve national defense awareness in the subtle way, and the effect is better. “

The two -seven major strike tower is a landmark building in Zhengzhou City, which is built to commemorate the Star Strike of the Beijing -Han Dynasty.In the early spring season, Guancheng Hui Village Qingshan Road Primary School organized students to visit and study here.When he heard the sound of “Oriental Red” from the top of the tower on time, a teacher said thoughtfully: “This is not only a singing, but also like the” class bell “of red education.”

The reporter also learned from the interview that the Zhengzhou army has continued to promote the normalization of national defense education, which effectively forms a strong atmosphere of social worship of the army. The school generally has a good momentum of students participating in the army and applying for military school fever.


The veterans were invited to the kindergarten of the Henan Provincial Military Region to tell the children a red story.

There is a school motto on the campus, and the school has a style of study. What kind of environmental atmosphere should national defense education create for students?

“Educational soil” refined cultivation

The portrait of the aerospace heroes entered the playground, and the picture of the big country was hung into the classroom … Before the beginning of the spring of 2024, Zhengzhou Bayi Middle School established a special “landscape”.

“What kind of environment, what kind of students are cultivated.” Cheng Shixi, the principal of the school, told reporters that recently he led the relevant personnel to the “National Defense Education Corridor” plan provided by the design unit to build a manuscript to create a national defense cultural environment.Use a cultural atmosphere to influence people and shape people.

This is a set of helpless data: a middle school conducts a questionnaire survey of the student’s outlook on life. In terms of idols, more than 60%of celebrities worship Jobs, Musk and other celebrities; in the occupation, more than 40%of the hope will be net reds and bossesThere are only about 20%of scientists and soldiers.

Someone once shouted: If the spacious classroom can’t put a defense desk, if there is no defense class on the full class, our final national defense education class is likely to be -battlefield!

“Today, wealthy, civilized, freedom, and opening up, young people who cultivate their hearts and nursing countries are the test questions of the times.” The leader of the Zhengzhou Education Bureau said that it is necessary for the new era of adolescent education system to cultivate Chinese power.The needs of national spirit.

In August last year, Zhengzhou’s army selected a well -established kindergarten, a primary school, and a middle school with a well -established construction, and was renamed “Bayi Kindergarten”, “August 1 Primary School” and “Bayi Middle School”.They embed the national defense culture into all aspects of the campus, from the classroom to the playground, from the cafeteria to the dormitory, from the window content to the wall motto.Lit the national defense “navigation lamp” in their vision.

German philosopher Jasberis said: “The essence of education is one tree shaking and another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul summons another soul.”

This is a “big tree” shook a “small tree” spiritual collision.

In mid -December last year, Bayi Middle School organized a special condolences of the New Year of the “Emotional Marine Defense Officer”. The majority of students made greeting cards for border officers and soldiers stationed on the Kunlun Mountain.Student Li Tianjian said: “The heroes of the Wei Guo are the places where the oxygen can’t be full, and use the body to build a safe shield for the motherland. They are the idols we should worship the most.”

“Dear Sister Liu Yang, Brother Chen Dong, Brother Xinlin … We want to take you as an example, take the same pace like you, to realize our, Chinese aerospace dream …”

Not long ago, 54 students in the eighth grade (4) class of Bayi Middle School collectively wrote letters for hero astronaut Liu Yang, Chen Dong and Jiang Xinlin to describe their voices.After receiving the letter, the relevant personnel went back to call to the students to encourage everyone to be an ideal and pursuit of successors.

The leaders of the Zhengzhou Archives Office reported that college students who registered for the army in the past two years have volunteered to apply for border defense and plateau forces to serve more than 40%, which is directly related to national defense education.


Zhengzhou Zhongmu County Army jointly organized the opening day of the barracks.

Best red mark for youth

■ Wang Gencheng

The priority of the martial arts should be the first.The national defense education is the basis for building and consolidating national defense. It is a “strong heart project” that enhances national cohesion and improves national defense quality. It is necessary to grasp early.Youth is the hope of the future and nation of the country.This stage is the “extraction pregnancy period” of life. It is in the golden period of reserve knowledge and energy saving energy.Careful guidance and plastic.

At present, at all levels, we must stand at the height of national safety and national development to look at the issues of national defense education, make national defense education a compulsory course for students, make national defense concepts a must -have quality.Responsibilities.

The choice of the ideal establishment of the youth to the country and the ambition to participate in the army is inseparable from the persistent guidance of the national defense education, and the silence of red culture is silent.Doing a good job of adolescent national defense education is a systematic project. It is not stable and far -reaching to fight alone. We must strengthen organizational leadership and form military and land joint efforts.Adhere to the common management, under the unified leadership of the party committee and government, pressing the responsibilities of the relevant departments, forming a good situation of responsibility and the same direction.

The army and localities have their own responsibilities and missions, and their respective positions and resources. The cooperation between the two is bound to produce a convergence effect of “1+1> 2”.Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, adds national defense education curriculum arrangements, organizes students with Yinglie to cross -time dialogue, carry out red research activities, organize military “summer camps”, and coordinate the garrison to carry out the “military camp open day” activities to allow the revolutionary spirit and patriotic feelings.Deeply rooted in the minds of young people, and achieved the purpose of mutual learning and interactive growth in military land.

With the changes of the times, contemporary teenagers who grew up under the Internet tide have strong self -awareness. Compared with the instilling “from top to bottom”, they are more likely to accept “bottom -up” individual expression.It is not enough to conduct national defense education for young generations from books.Aiming at the characteristics of young students’ behavior, let national defense education move from plane to three -dimensional, from monotonous to multi -dimensional, and effectively find an excitement point, and step on the real point.Make good use of emerging media to enhance the appeal and attractiveness of national defense education; make good use of the form of “openness”, rely on red education resources such as the revolutionary museum and martyrs’ cemetery, and carry out teaching activities such as immersive, experiential types to enhance the concept of national defense;Make good use of the “militaryization” method, organize students to carry out three defense drills and military training, sharpen young people’s physical and mental, and to tease young people.

What kind of seeds will be sowing in the spiritual home of the teenager, what kind of flowers and fruit will be made.We are glad to see that in the corner of the earth’s land, the vivid national defense education is stimulating the “source living water” of young Chinese China.Strong, young China!

This version of the photo is provided by Wang Gencheng

Gleeping design: Wang Qiushan

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