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Zhizhen Disease Control Health Science Faculty Entering Yantai Youth Health Growth Education Base

Small News Client April 2nd (YMG All -Media reporter Zhang Ye correspondent Lin Mingjun Photography Report) Recently, it was directed by Yantai Disease Control Center, Yantai Youth Palace and Zhizheng District CDC jointly createdHealth “Young Health Popular Science Fairies Theme Practice Campaign is hotly opened at Yantai Youth Health Growth Education Base!More than 200 adolescents and parents in the city participated in the event.

The event opened in the wonderful program of the youth palace martial arts students. Wang Guiqiang, member of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of the Disease Control and Control Center of Yantai City, delivered a speech.The participating leaders of the Municipal Youth Palace and the Zhizheng District CDC jointly launched the event and visited the activities of the base areas.

Health education is the best vaccine to prevent diseases and ensure health. Health education bases are important places for carrying out health education activities. They are committed to providing the people with “venue, fun, participation, and experience” health services.This event is divided into two major areas, A and B, with rich content and creativity.Area A has a health science popularization lecture area, health painting area, immersion experience activity area and other projects. Area B has set up first aid method learning areas, happy fitness game areas, on -site free clinics, etc.Learn health science popularization knowledge in participating activities and raise awareness of health self -protection.

In the health science science lecture area in area A, professional psychological lecturers from lung hospitals have explained wonderful explanations to young students from the aspects of young psychological development, common psychological problems of adolescents, and how to alleviate bad emotions, and guide young people to learn how to correct themselves.Psychological state.

In the health painting area in Area A, the theme of young people based on “I am healthy and happy”, freely play their creations on fans, canvas bags and other materials, and use brushes to depict their understanding of health knowledge, and use brush to pass on their health.The love and pursuit of life.

在A区的沉浸体验活动区,青少年们在芝罘区疾控中心、交警大队、消防救援大队等专业人员的带领下,深入各个场馆学习生命起源、健康饮食、传染病防制、交通安全、消防Health knowledge such as security, actively participating in interactive equipment in the venue, effectively enhanced its own safety awareness and self -protection ability.

In the first -aid method learning area in District B, first aid experts from five medical institutions from Yantai City, Zhixuan Hospital, District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Huangwu Hospital, Baishi Anorectal Hospital, etc., first explain theoretical explanation, then use the human model to performDemonstrate on the spot, then guide young people to experience operations one by one, and timely correct the wrong actions of young people, so that the teenagers and parents present can fully master the key skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and make full preparations for the emergency situation.

In the happy fitness game area in Area B, fitness equipment such as healthy monarchs, kangaroos jumping, and pony cross the river have become the “most love project” for young people.In the health monarchy game area, it not only provides a channel for learning health science popularization knowledge for young people, but also provides young people with opportunities to show their talents.With the rolling of the blue dice on the field, please make ten frog jumps. Please show a “talent” and other “talents” one by one. It aims to allow young people to learn health knowledge, exercise the body, and enjoy the happiness brought by health.

In the healthy -free diagnosis area in Area B, experts from five medical institutions including Yugen Ding Hospital and Zhiyu Hospital, Ophthalmology, Dental, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Municipal Disease Control Center Health Education Department and the District Disease Control Center ImmunizationExperts from the prevention department conducted health consultation and health consultation activities for young people and parents.Some of the popular room tables were lined up in front of the table, and the experts answered questions to solve the problem to solve the problem of the masses.

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