Wu Zhaohui, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology: Continue to deepen artificial intelligence security governance

  China News Service, March 25th. China Development High-level Forum 2024 Annual Meeting was held on March 24-25, 2024.On the afternoon of March 24th, a “Symposium on the Development and Governance of Artificial Intelligence and Governance” was held. Wu Zhaohui, deputy minister of science and technology, said in a speech in the “Topic Speaking” session.Major opportunities and effectively respond to the various risks and challenges brought by artificial intelligence, and work together to create a community of fate of human development in the digital era.

  The first is to lead the integration and development of the industry with artificial intelligence technology innovation.China should aim at the forefront of artificial intelligence, accelerate the production of original and breakthrough major scientific research results, and explore the development of universal artificial intelligence in multiple paths.The transformation of artificial intelligence cutting -edge technology should be accelerated to real productivity, promoting the innovation of industrial intelligence upgrades and subversive technologies, spawning new industries, new models, and new momentum, and building new growth points in the future.

  The second is to strengthen the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanistic concepts.China should adhere to the people -oriented science and technology, and actively promote the integration of science and technology and humanistic concepts into the entire process of artificial intelligence technology innovation, thereby helping to create products and services that conform to the concept of human value, aesthetic orientation, emotional experience, and cognitive habits to ensure that the development of artificial intelligence does not deviate from “benefiting benefitIn human beings, make human life better “, maintain and improve the level and realm of human civilization.

  The third is to continue to deepen the security governance of artificial intelligence.Countries around the world should work together to promote the development of artificial intelligence with a highly responsible attitude, adhere to the intelligence and intelligence upward, and ensure that artificial intelligence is always under the control of human beings, thereby achieving security, reliability and controllable.Data security and privacy protection in the field of artificial intelligence should be strengthened, the construction of tolerance and prudence should be accelerated, the ethical norms of artificial intelligence are improved, and the security governance of artificial intelligence is coordinated.