The "Environmental Sanitation Rectification of Environmental Sanitation" volunteer service activities in Luohe Community, Huangtun Street, High -tech Zone

Jining News Network (Correspondent Wang Chengcheng) In order to further enhance the environmental appearance of the community, clear the dead end of sanitary, create a clean, comfortable, beautiful, and harmonious community environment, and practice the spirit of “dedication, love, mutual assistance, and progress”.On the 25th, Luohe Community, Huangtun Street, Jining Gaoxin District, organized a volunteer service activity of “environmental sanitation, we are acting”.

During the activity, the grid staff fully carried forward the spirit of not being afraid of suffering, not afraid of dirty, and not afraid of tiredness. He held cleaning tools such as garbage pliers, brooms, dustpans, garbage bags, etc., scattered in different locations to the lawn, the roads on both sides of the road, around the trash can, scattered scattered, scattered, scattered, and scattered.The garbage of the cigarette butt, paper crumbs, packaging bags and other garbage were cleaned up.Some grid members have two groups, one holding a garbage pliers, one with a garbage bag, and the garbage such as paper crumbs left in the lawn into a garbage bag.Some grid staff three were cleaned with a broom, dustpan, and garbage bags on both sides of the road. Finally, the garbage bag filled with garbage was placed in the garbage clearing car.