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"The artistic hall of the hotel industry is Lanou International May Day holiday into a fashion punch -in sacred place"


[“The Palace of Arts in the hotel industry, Lanou International May Day Holidays Fashion Pickup Holy Land”] During the May Day holiday, Lano International Hotel attracted many tourists with its unique artistic design and excellent service.Featured services such as Lan Ambassador’s private housekeeper and administrative floor service, which improved the accommodation experience, making hotels a treasure hotel for young people.At the same time, rich cultural and artistic activities have also improved guest loyalty to hotel brands and achieved high rental rates.


During the May Day holiday, for the tourism and hotel industry, it is always a year’s big test.In this exam, Lano International Hotel proved his charm again without doubt.This four -star business hotel known for its artistic style not only has a novel room design, but also provides a series of special services to allow guests to experience the influence of art while enjoying the rest.For example, these special atmosphere created by FENDI CASA fragrance candles allow guests to enjoy different luxury enjoyment in visual and smell.

The special service is a highlight of Lano International.Ambassador Lan’s personal housekeeper service, this sounds very aggressive service, really achieve personal care of customers.Regardless of demand feedback or service experience, it is accurate and timely.In addition, there are administrative floors services, Xiaoxiang luxury guest rooms, etc., all of which have made Lan Ou International a treasure hotel in the eyes of young people.And it is said that the word -of -mouth score of the hotel has reached a full score of 5.0, which is quite rare in four -star hotels.

Not only limited to the accommodation experience, Lano International also held a series of cultural and artistic activities during the holidays, such as art afternoon tea and art exhibitions.These activities not only provide guests with cultural enjoyment, but also give them a deeper understanding and loyalty to Lanou’s brand.Such a comprehensive effort has also brought considerable returns to Lano International, with a lease rate of 129%, far exceeding the industry average.It can be said that Lano International has become the leader of the art business travel hotel market.

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