The 23 -year -old female college student confirmed to die!After more than 40 days of loss, the remains were found under the cliff

On February 7th, Chen Xiaoli (pseudonym) from Xi’an, Shaanxi lost contact after playing in Mount Emei. After that, the search and rescue did not progress.Mother Guo: It is about to collapse, I hope more people can help find it).On the evening of March 24, the Red Star reporter learned from his mother Ms. Li that Chen Xiaoli was found under the cliff and had no vital signs.


▲ Chen Xiaojia, who lost contact in Emeishan

According to Ms. Li, on March 23, the police of the Emeishan Scenic Area called her and said that she had found Chen Xiaoca’s body.On the evening of the 24th, Ms. Li rushed to Mount Emei from Xi’an. She contacted the relevant police for the first time, but she had not seen the police for the time being, and she did not know how Chen Xiaoli fell to the cliff.

Chen Xiaojia, 23 years old, is from Xi’an, Shaanxi. It is a college student in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. He is 1.6 meters tall and keeps the student’s head. When he lost contact, he wore a black cotton jacket to ankle.In early February, Chen Xiaoli said that he would go to Chengdu to play with friends, and he took the car from Xi’an to Chengdu alone.

On February 7, Chen Xiaojia told her mother that she was “climbing the mountain.”That night, her last call with her mother was 21:21. At that time, Chen Xiaoli said that her sore throat was uncomfortable, and Ms. Li asked her to buy medicine.The next day, Ms. Li lost contact with Chen Xiaojia, no one answered the message, and no one answered the phone call.Ms. Li looked at her daughter’s circle of friends and knew she had gone to Mount Emei.


▲ Chen Xiaojia, who lost contact in Emeishan

According to Ms. Li, after the police verification, Chen Xiaojia went to Emei Mountain for the first time to take a tourist car for a tourist car; the second time was hiking.It appeared near Lingjue Temple of Leidong Ping, and the mobile phone signal disappeared here.

Why do Chen Xiaoli go to Mount Emei?Earlier, Ms. Li said in an interview with Red Star Journalists that when she went out to play before, her daughter would choose to go hiking and climb the mountain, but this time she went to Mount Emei and went up and down the mountain.what’s going on.

Ms. Li denied that Chen Xiaoli had a tendency to be light.She said that in daily life, her daughter did not have this performance in this regard, but last year because of some things with mild disease because of some things, she had recovered after treatment in the early stage.Fall down the cliff.