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Taizhou: Special Law Enforcement Action for Spring Tourism Market Starts

The newspaper (reporter Qian Liqun correspondent Chen Haolei) As the Qingming holiday and the peak tourist season of our city came, the number of tourists was increasing day by day.In order to fully maintain the order of the passenger market and ensure the safety of tourists’ travel, recently, the municipal transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment jointly and the city’s public security traffic police department and the cultural tourism department have carried out special law enforcement actions in the spring tourism market to further increase passenger stations, railway stations and urban areas.The enforcement of tourist attractions to create a safe, satisfactory and comfortable passenger transportation environment.
At the South Railway Station, the joint inspection team conducted in -depth and meticulous inspections on the safety measures of the vehicle, the driving log, the implementation of the security inspection, and the dynamic monitoring of the main defense system of the two passenger companies.Rectification.In the urban tourist attractions such as Meiyuan, Wanghai Tower, and Navy Memorial Hall, the joint inspection team conducted special inspections on the condition of travel chartered and car, and put forward specific requirements for safety guarantee work.In the surrounding area of the railway station, law enforcement officers have investigated and dealt with illegal operations such as illegal operating vehicles and not obeying the scheduling
According to reports, at present, the joint inspection team has dispatched a total of 15 law enforcement officers, 4 law enforcement vehicles, and 29 travel chartered cars, and investigated and dealt with a large passenger car engaged in the travel charter business in accordance with the law.At the same time, combined with the current “two customers and one danger” security code management work, actively issue leaflets to tourist vehicles in foreign countries, and carry out security code to announce the work.
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