"Sitting in a cruise to travel" The hotspot of the spring travel consumption China cruise economy will enter the golden development period

CCTV Beijing April 3rd (Reporter Tang Jing) According to the voice of the Economic News of the Central Radio and Television Studio “Global New Finance”, as the spring flowers bloom and the outbound tourism market quickly heated up, cruise tourism also ushered in “warmth warmth”Spring”, “Traveling in a cruise” has become a new choice for more and more people. The number of cruise ships and the number of tourists have increased significantly. Many cruise companies are actively deploying the Chinese market business.Experts said that China’s cruise tourism products will be richer, and the Chinese cruise economy will enter the golden development period.
Cruise economy is called “water gold industry”.Since March of this year, a number of international cruise ships are moored in Dalian, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xiamen and other docks.
The reporter saw on the cruise topic page of some online travel platforms that the cruise travel products from Shanghai and South Korea from Shanghai to Japan and South Korea were almost sold out in mid -April, and it was even more difficult to find during the May Day.The data provided by the online travel platform also confirms the accelerated recovery of the current cruise tourism in my country.Chen Linan, director of the Ctrip Department of Public Affairs, said: “Since this year, the Chinese cruise market has accelerated. At present, short -term cruise ships have basically recovered to the level of 2019. Ctrip data shows that the overall cruise orders in March have increased by nearly 30 % compared with March 2019, soJapan and South Korea’s short -distance routes. “
Compared with the traditional travel itinerary and payment process, and the budget is difficult to control, the cruise travel itinerary is concentrated and fixed, and the cost is basically one price.Entertainment activities, etc.For the cruise ships of the Japanese and Korean routes, passengers can also enter the country exempt from visa. They can travel with passports. The threshold for exit is low.In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way during the trip, and you can get off the ship to enjoy the local customs and customs when you reach the destination. This has also made cruise travel more and more popular with Chinese tourists, especially parent -child families and elderly people.
Tourist 1: For the first time, I went to South Korea to take a look at Jingfu Palace and Qingwatai.
Tourist 2: Retired, go out and turn around, take a look, see the style of other countries.
Cruise travel has a history of nearly a century in the West, and it has been developing in China since 2006 and has not been 20 years.According to reports, from 2006 to 2017, the total number of cruise ships in China Cruise Port reached more than 5,800 ships, and the number of tourists received more than 18 million people.However, with the emergence of multiple factors such as the single route, the quality of the operating quality of the charter, and the emergence of low -cost competition, the growth rate of the cruise industry has slowed down.
Last year, the Ministry of Transport has fully restored the international cruise transportation of cruise ports in my country, and many cruise companies began to actively deploy the Chinese market business.On March 16 this year, the “Asian Flagship” MSC Honor of the International Cruise Giant MSC Mediterranean Cruise was first operated by Mainland China Port.The International Cruise Giant Royal Caribbean also announced that it will restart the Chinese market on April 26 this year and announce the operation plan in the Chinese market in 2025-2026.Liu Zinan, a global senior vice president of the Royal Caribbean Group and chairman of Asia, said: “We are optimistic about this year’s international cruise market in China. Our marine spectrum will operate 50 international cruise ships from Shanghai and Hong Kong.In 2025, we will expand from 50 voyages to 130 voyages. “
According to statistics from authoritative agencies, in 2035, the Chinese cruise market will reach the scale of 14 million people per year, becoming the world’s largest cruise market.Zheng Weihang, executive vice president of the Cruise and Yacht Branch of the China Transportation Association, believes that in the future, China’s cruise tourism products will be richer, and the Chinese cruise economy will enter the second golden development for ten years.
Zheng Wehang said: “The Chinese cruise economy is developing from a pure tourism reception to the supply chain of the entire industry chain of the cruise ship. We have manufactured local cruise ships upstream. More and more colleges and universities have carried out cruise education. Chinese food and hotel supplies have begun to beginEntering the global supply chain system. With the continuous increase of local cruise ships and returning to the Chinese market in the international cruise, Chinese cruise tourism products will be richer, long routes will be more and more popular with Chinese tourists, and more foreign tourists will come to China in ChinaTake the cruise ship of the cruise, especially the Yangtze River. We predict that after the cultivation and recovery of the two years, the Chinese cruise economy will enter the second golden development for 10 years. “
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