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Shenzhen Fashion Week 2024 Autumn and Winter series opened to create "Premium China Preferring Platform"

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Li Xiaoxu
Figure/Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Wang Lei
On April 13, the Shenzhen Fashion Week 2024 Autumn and Winter series with digital color red, green, and blue original color “RGB” was officially opened.This time, Fashion Week has worked hard to create a “preferred release platform for high fashion China”, with a total of 40 brands and designers participating in the release.
The development of the fashion industry has entered the “fast lane”
In recent years, the construction of Shenzhen Fashion Industry Development and Fashion Capital has entered a “fast track”.Shenzhen is forming a fashion industry advantage with complete industry categories, concentration of original brands, complete industrial supporting, and significant scale effects.In 2023, nearly 30,000 new operating entities in Shenzhen’s clothing industry, more than 20 international fashion brands landed in Shenzhen. A group of young outstanding designers succeeded in business development.
After ten years of development, Shenzhen Fashion Week has become one of the three major domestic fashion weeks. This beautiful “urban business card” has also become a window to show the world’s urban culture to the world.Shenzhen Fashion Week boldly explores, comes with “Shenzhen Gene”, and has created a new development road. It has become an important “incubator” that attracts high -quality fashion resources at home and abroad, promotes consumption transformation, and brings new commercial opportunities.
In order to further demonstrate the style of the “global design capital” and create more design and fashion brands, Shenzhen this year to reshape the positioning and operating model of “Shenzhen Design Week”, integrate the city’s entire year’s design activities and creative design resources for the whole region and creative design resources of the city.We are committed to building Shenzhen Design Week into a global creative design industry development platform, high -quality creative design activity incubation platform, international metropolis image promotion platform, cutting -edge design talent gathering platform, urban fashion and beautiful life experience platform, and build a never ending.Shenzhen Design Week.
In addition, the Bay Area Fashion Industry Strategic Committee is also officially established at Fashion Week. In the future, it will organize and grafted top fashion resources at home and abroad to promote the development of Shenzhen Fashion Week and enhance the status of Shenzhen Fashion Week in the international fashion field.
Online and offline linkage to create a cluster advantage
This time, Fashion Week and Jingdong Clothing, Douyin E -commerce, Kuaishou and other e -commerce and social social platforms in -depth linkage, starting the “Live E -commerce Carnival” of Shenzhen Fashion Week, showing the latest design trend of Shenzhen to the world, bringing consumers to consumersCome to richer and diverse shopping options and better consumer experiences.
The “Digital Ordering Club” will combine the opportunity of the 2024 autumn and winter ordering meeting in combination with local commercial brands. The demand for digital transformation in the industry will continuously optimize the online digital ordering platform, and build a “cluster order meeting” with multiple original designers;Realize the “buyers ‘common”, “traffic sharing” and “service sharing”, jointly support and cultivate outstanding local designers, help brands and designers’ commercial landing, and create the advantages of Shenzhen clothing business brand clusters.
At the same time, this Flowing Week will link 20 core business districts in the city, bringing a variety of colorful fashion experience and consumption promotion activities. Through diverse consumption scenarios, the city’s attention and city participation will be created.Grade IP interacts with the majority of citizens to further stimulates the vitality of urban consumption.
It is worth noting that at this time of Fashion Week, the designers of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao three places publishing static exhibitions and forum salons through their works to display design concepts, exchange inspiration and creativity, and continue to inject new vitality and innovation driving for the Bay Area fashion industry.EssenceThis will also be leading fashion institutions including French ESMOD Fashion Institute, the Hong Kong Textile Industry Federation, the Hong Kong Mao Woven and Innovation Association, and Action Asia, including France, will explore and expand high -quality industrial chain resources together.With fashion as the core, promote industry development and cooperation.
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