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Shanghai Ying Food and other green groups are not qualified!

Zhongxin Jingwei April 3rd WeChat “Shanghai Market Supervision” announced on the 3rd to announce the sampling of food safety sampling of Shanghai Youth League. A total of 232 batchs of Youth League samples in the production, circulation and catering links, 5 batches of unqualified samples.
Source: WeChat “Shanghai Market Supervision”
The results of sampling shows that unqualified samples are 2 batches of catering foods and 3 batches of grain processing products. Unqualified items include dehydrogenothaitic acid and its sodium salt (with dehydrogenothache), lemon yellow, and bright blue.
It is reported that lemon yellow is a synthetic color agent that is often used in beverage preparation of wine, candy, flavor fermented milk, pickled vegetables, jelly, puffed food and other products.Lemon yellow is basically non -toxic and does not store in the body. Most of them are excreted in the original shape; butIf you eat for a long time, there is also a health riskEssenceThe main reasons for the unqualified lemon yellow in foods are: the production and operation enterprises are over -limited, used in excess, or are not accurately measured.
Bright blue, also known as Blue No. 2, belongs to water -soluble non -nitrogen synthetic colorants. The food industry is suitable for coloring cakes, candy, and beverages.Bright blue must be used strictly in accordance with the standard,If long -term intake, there is a risk of teratogenic and carcinogenicEssenceThe main reasons for the unqualified light blue in food are: the production and operation enterprise is over -limited, the use of excessive use, or is not accurately measured.
Desertic acid and its sodium salts are used as a broad -spectrum preservative in food production, which has strong bacteriostatic ability to mold and yeast.Desertic acid and its sodium salt can be quickly and fully absorbed by human tissues. After entering the human body, they are scattered in plasma and many organs, which can inhibit various oxidase in the body.Long -term consumption of dehydrogenothaitic acid and its sodium salt exceeds standards may cause some harm to the human bodyEssence
Screenshot of the website of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System
Of the three companies involved in unqualified samples, the national corporate credit information publicity system showed that Shanghai Ying Ren Food Co., Ltd. in May 2021 due to failure to provide the contract with the contracting cold storage maintenance party Shanghai Dongling Refrigeration Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.The agreement was fined 10,000 yuan.
Screenshot of China Executive Information Disclosure Network
According to the China Execution Information Disclosure Network, Shanghai Ying Ren Food Co., Ltd. has the final case in September and October 2020, respectively.(Zhongxin Jingwei APP)
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