Safety Education Day of Primary and Middle School Students | Small hand pulls big hands to enter the police camp safely

National primary and secondary school students

Safety education day

Today, March 25th is the 29th National Education Education Day.

Since 1996, my country has determined that Monday Monday, March each year, is the National Safety Education Day of Primary and Middle School Students.The establishment of this system is to comprehensively promote the safety education of primary and secondary school students, vigorously reduce the incidence of various types of casualties, and effectively do the safety protection of primary and secondary school students, and promote their healthy growth.

To this end, on the morning of March 22, the Jilin Public Security Bureau Traffic Patrol Police Detachment Battalion Brigade Second Squadron United Ship Camp District Twenty -Fifth Elementary School East and West Schools, which launched the “Big Hands Safety Hand Safety Police Camp”On the day of the event, more than 30 teachers and students walked into the police camp to start a research journey.The police introduced the history of the barracks and teams to the teachers and students, and the office equipment … the children’s eyes were full of novelty.

In the process of police equipment display, the police demonstrated the use and usage of various police equipment and interacted with the children. The children were excited to try. The students were happy and curious to fiddish handcuffs, batons, law enforcement recorders and other single

Immediately in the honor room of the Second Squadron, the captain Zhang Chunyu explained the many years of the second squadron and the idea of serving the people. Facing the countless medals and photos of the photos, the children were full of respect., Serve the people.

Twenty -five school leaders sent their two -sided brocade to the squadron, thanking the second squadron for their hard work for the school’s protection and teaching work over the years.The students wrote the prints drawn by themselves at the scene and what they wanted to say to the uncle of the police officer and gave it to the uncle in the letter.

In the outdoor activities, the students were seriously practicing the gesture of traffic police, and they were modeling.

At the end of the activity, the second squadron’s Shu Yan also presented gifts to the students participating in the event.This activity not only enriched the extracurricular life of teachers and students, but also improved students’ legal awareness, safety awareness, and responsibility awareness, which had a positive impact on the growth and development of children.

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Original title: “Safety Education Day of Primary and Middle School Students | Small Hands Pulling Safety Entering the Police Camp”