Rubiales resigns, hints at 2030 World Cup bid

Luis Rubiales has resigned as president of the RFEF (Spanish Football Federation), ending the biggest controversy in the history of the Spanish national team.

Rubiales’ position was under intense pressure for weeks after the FIFA Women’s World Cup final.

Spain beat England in Sydney to win their first ever world title, and Rubiales was involved in a string of highly criticized incidents during the final, including the involuntary kissing of Jenni Hermoso.

Rubiales was suspended by FIFA, while several domestic investigations into his behavior were launched.

Although Rubiales had been determined to stay in his position, he eventually submitted his resignation to distance himself from the situation.

However, Rubiales remained stubborn about his innocence until the very end, with his resignation statement laying claim to Spain’s bid to host the 2030 FIFA Men’s World Cup.

“I took the decision to resign after determining that my departure would contribute to the stabilization of Europe and Africa so that they can continue to be united in the realization of the dream of 2030,” he said.

Rubiales resigns, hints at 2030 World Cup bid

“I hope we can still bring the biggest tournament in the world to our countries.”

The RFEF has yet to make an official comment on Rubiales’ statement and there has been no update on when or if the high-profile women’s team will return to the national team.

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