Report on climate change in the global South

Climate change is a global issue, but its effects are most severe in the Global South. Journalists in these regions play a crucial role in reporting on the crisis and its impact on people’s lives.

In Paraguay, digital news outlet El Surtidor focuses on land distribution and its impact on climate change. The newsroom assigned one of its four journalists to specialize in climate issues and worked to broaden its coverage by connecting the impacts of climate change to the lives of its audiences.

Report on climate change in the global South

In Indonesia, Katadata reporter Rezza Aji Pratama is tackling environmental issues through a business lens. Pratama, whose reporting focuses on the private sector rather than individuals, believes that documenting how communities and organizations can reduce destructive behaviors or protect the environment can appeal to news audiences.

Both Pratama and El Surti’s Acuña agree that “disaster porn” doesn’t work. Instead, they focus on reporting on the root causes of climate change and the solutions available.

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