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Liu Xuefeng praised the fast hand. “This level of sales is definitely much higher than other platforms, and even exceeds OTA.”

The “other platforms” in Liu Xuefeng’s mouth are probably the probability of Douyin.As for whether OTA will break the defense because of this sentence, it is another question.


Fast -handed wine brigade

Cross the river by touching Douyin

In 2019, Kuaishou launched the local life service function. In 2020, the official announced the military wine brigade track, and in 2022, the fast -handed local life division was established.After careful investigation, 2023 is the first year of fast -handed efforts to make a local life.

Affected by the strong recovery of the consumer market such as tourism, catering, etc., its performance has progressed rapidly.Take wine brigade as an example:

  • In the third quarter of 2023, the size of the fast -handed wine brigade increased 9 times compared with the beginning of the year, and the GMV scale increased 6 times compared to the beginning of the year.

2023 Kuaishou local life wine travel service users and GMV size changes

This big step forward has the style of Douyin Wine Brigade for 2022.

Some agencies estimated that the Douyin Wine Brigade reached 60 billion in 2023, which was approaching one -quarter of the Meituan.Because of its earlier force, the growth rate slowed down last year (4 times year -on -year), but it still belongs to the rapid progress.The strong rise of Chinese service -oriented consumption has benefited many platforms.

The categories of Kuaishou’s local life are the same as Douyin. They are all dining, comprehensive service, and wine travel.

See the segmentation of the wine tour,The business focus of Kuaishou and Douyin is quite similar.

The main categories of Douyin Wine Travels are accommodation (B & B, Hotels) and Play (Scenic Tickets). However, from the data in early 2023, the order volume of Douyin tickets far exceeds the accommodation.

In addition, Douyin rectified a round of travel agency products in 2023, because a large number of violations of “low -cost tour” poured into the live broadcast room.”Zhuyu is in front”, Kuaishou should also notice the cat’s greasy.

So a reasonable guess is: the main category of Kuaishou Wine Brigade, the same as Douyin, concentrated inScenic TicketEssence

This can also be verified at this Qingdao Local Life Conference.

From Xiao Gu and Wang Jianwei, the senior vice president of Kuaishou, to Guo Baiyue, the person in charge of the product of the local life division, and Zhu Yunbo, the person in charge of the service provider center,There are only two scenic spots mentioned by the successful cases mentioned by a group of executivesEssence

Zhu Yunbo, person in charge of the service provider center of Kuaishou Local Life Division

Share an excellent business case

They are mentioned aboveTangshan Nanhu Kaiyu Tourist Scenic Area,as well asredRiver Canyon RiverEssence

From the perspective of strategic framework, the local life of Kuaishou is not significantly different from Douyin. It is to shape an ecology that uses the content of the platform as the core, and then from content to trading.

Therefore, the power point mentioned at the Qingdao Conference is also the three key roles in the ecology:Merchants, experts, service providersEssenceThe specific policies are as follows.

In 2024, Kuaishou announced that it will launch a billion platform subsidy and 100 billion traffic. The resources will be allocated:

  • For merchants to launch the “explosive product ignition plan”, support more group buying products with extreme cost -effectiveness;
  • The “Advertising Planning Plan” is launched to help merchants expand the transaction scale with long -term accurate traffic;
  • Continue to increase the “Fuyao Plan” to help experts grow faster;
  • Create the “Starlight Institution Plan” to help more high -quality experts incubation and growth;
  • The “Harley Plan” is launched to provide service providers with help to cover the full cycle of growth.

Coincidentally, some people in the industry told the Global Travel News that Kuaishou’s gameplay is similar to Douyin. Many inside people used to be the employees of Douyin.

However, if you only live your local life and understand the MINI version of Douyin, the situation may be misunderstood.


Kuaishou “your own road”

Old iron users+hug Ctrip

Kuaishou has his own uniqueness.First of all, it is its 700 million “old iron users”.

In the description of fast hands, their local life crowds are significantly different from Douyin.Make a simple comparison:

  • Quickly live more female users in the local area.Fast female users account for 60.6%, and Douyin female users account for 49%.
  • The users of Kuaishou are younger.Young users are under 30 years of age, accounting for 49.1%, and Douyin users are mainly people aged 31-40 and over 50 years old.
  • The proportion of fast -handed and Douyin local living users is similar to the third -tier and below cities: 54.5%of Kuaishou and 55%of Douyin.

so,Sinking market is not the exclusive advantage of fast -handed local lifeThe key is that among their users, young people and women are more.

This also brings some special consumption tendencies: For example, in Q4 in 2023, the monthly per capita expenditure of the old iron generated on the fast -handed consumption reached 1,000 yuan.In short,The old iron is just cost -effective, not low -priced sensitivityEssence

2023 Kuaishou Local Live City Age for Age

On the other hand, Kuaishou has repeatedly emphasized that there is a unique “trust atmosphere” in their own communities, and the private domain attributes are obvious.Reflected in pre -sale, it isThe nuclear sales rate is higher than other platformsThe typical case is the Nanhu Kaiyu Tourist Scenic Area.

At the scene of Xiao Gu at the Qingdao Conference, this phenomenon described:

  • Everyone knows that it is not difficult to sell in the liquor travel industry. Is it difficult to go after buying after buying?Thanks to the trust genes of the entire fast -moving platform and old iron users, we found that the old iron users “have to go to see the coupons.”

In addition, the uniqueness of Kuaishou is that it hasPlatform -level allies in the liquor industryEssence

The day before the Qingdao Local Life Conference, Kuaishou just released the 2023 financial report.Kuaishou CEO Cheng Yixiao enumerated the bright performance of local life at the analyst at the analyst, and made a prospect for a cooperation.

“I hope that with the new trend of domestic tourism in 2024, it will make fast hands into a new field of wine travel marketing through more vivid video display and explanations.” Cheng Yixiao said.

What he mentioned was the strategic cooperation reached by Kuaishou and Ctrip in January this year.

At first, it did not attract a lot of attention.The reason is very simple. Previously, Kuaishou, Meituan, Tongcheng, and Qunar have signed this cooperation: Quick hand out of traffic, OTA out of supply chain and services.They seem to deliberately trigger the PR action of LenovoLack of real strategic value.

But now the Qingdao Conference proves that Kuaishou has to bow to the entire local life.Based on this as the background, re -look at the framework of Kuaishou+Ctrip, and there is a new taste:

1. The scope of cooperation between the two companies is currently a ticket.Tickets are the main product of Kuaishou Wine Travel, but the importance for Ctrip is average; Ctrip’s profits are heavy accommodation (hotel/homestay booking), and it is not within the scope of cooperation.

2. When serving the travel needs of Kuaishou users, Ctrip basically does not show the brand, and it is completed directly in the Kuaishou Station.this means,Ctrip is happy to treat the fast hands as the channel for sinking market distribution inventoryEssence

3. The head scenic spot (such as Disney, Universal Studios, Chimelong), the fast -moving wine brigade chooses to directly operate; and other long -tailed scenic spots, Kuaishou solve it through the supply chain of Ctrip.Large businesses who can produce good content, fast -handed wine brigade is still in their own hands, butThese businesses are basically cooperated on the entire platform, and Ctrip will not mindEssence

Therefore, Kuaishou and Ctrip have a clear complementary effect, and there is no need to worry about the other party’s “cross -border” in the short term.This is relatively rare in cooperation between the two platforms.

And Douyin, it is almost impossible to consider this option, and pay a high price for this.


The pain of the local life of Douyin

You don’t have to jump anymore

In March of this year, Douyin Life Service will be the three parallel departments of the store, the store comprehensive, and the wine travel, and according to the regional reorganization into the three regions of the North, Central and South, and serving the NKA departments of the nation’s major chain merchants.

Late LatePost analysis, this adjustment is mainly to “improve the efficiency of sales visits and increase the supply of merchants.”At present, the total number of merchants in the field of Douyin’s life service has a huge gap with Meituan.

This brings a result: If Douyin cannot absorb a large number of small and medium businesses, it will be difficult to build a real “consumer platform user mind”.The grass that has been planted is likely to be pulled up by the user to the Meituan and CtripEssence

Many media have been tired of “content planting” that can create new demand and generate “planning outside consumption”. They have begun to think that “plan consumption” is a more solid market basic market.If the content platform really wants to do a good job of transactions, you cannot rely on some “Qi Qiao Qiao” of some explosive traffic, but to make up for the basic skills of the platform supply chain.

This is not alarmist. Late LatePost analyzed the two sets of QuestMobile data:

  • As of April last year, about 55%of Douyin’s users were not touched by Meituan.These users may be accustomed to consumption in the merchant after adopting early adopters of Douyin.
  • Because of the huge amount of resources and Douyin competition, the daily active users of the US group’s main APP increased by 53.7 million in 2023. The year -on -year absolute value increase is still higher than that of the epidemic.

From this perspective, I hugged Ctrip’s fast hands, and there is no need to withstand the pain of Douyin in the wine travel sector:You don’t need to engage in BD, nor do you need to worry about the closed loop of planting grass and grass.EssenceIn 2023, the Judin Wine Travel cut off the market share of 3%of online travel. This progress will naturally trigger Ctrip’s fear, so the alliances of the two may be stronger than seemingly.

On the fast hands, you can see the unique happiness of the second place.

As a fast hand of the post -to -life hair, after watching the madness of the Meituan vs vs in 2023, he also gave up the trial of Huahua’s whistle, but directly hit the core of the problem.

The typical manifestation is that Kuaishou Local Living will fall at the point of “group purchase” in 2024.Even the theme of this conference is called “all group purchases are worthy of reopening with fast hands.”

This choice is not surprising.

In 2022, when the local life of Douyin started coldly, it was broken by the group purchase coupon strategy of “the lowest discount price on the entire network”.

In 2023, after the real alert threat of Meituan, he immediately sacrificed “special group purchase” to open a simple subsidy price war.In the end, Meituan paid expensive financial costs, and also won dazzling results:

  • According to the Bank of Communications International predicted that in 2023, the US group reduced the operating profit margin of the local living platform to 36%in order to repel Douyin.As a result of the vigorous subsidy, about 5 percentage points (about 5 billion yuan) were used in exchange for a transaction scale of 200 billion yuan.

Therefore, once Kuaishou decided to “hold high” in the field of local life, he did not hesitate to start group purchase and subsidies.

Get the miracle nuclear sales rateTangshan Nanhu Kaiyu Tourist Scenic Area, Is the beneficiary of the policy of Kuaishou.

According to reports, at that time, the scenic spot decided to hold an offline lantern festival for 4 sessions and moved to the fast -handed platform in 2024.The entire communication was opened from the state of 0 fans, but received strong support from the fast -handed platform:

  • Preheated in mid -December 2023.
  • In mid -January 2024, the publicity was aggravated after the ticket was launched. The cooperation of local experts conducted video paving, launched early bird ticket grabbing promotions, and manufacturing staged topics.
  • Before the lights were turned on on February 2, 2024, real -world video promotion and live broadcast began.

In the end, the ticket sales of the entire lantern festival, the contribution of the fast -handed platform accounted for 20%, exceeding many OTA platforms.The key is that Kuaishou made price subsidies for tickets and has the competitiveness of the entire network.

From this perspective, the wine brigade merchants who entered the Kuaishou platform now also have a platform bonus period for traffic+subsidies.Merchants who have done Douyin and Xiaohongshu know how fast this dividend period is, and what kind of premier advantage can be established.

In 2024, online travel is really more lively.

We continue to pay attention to the tourism market.

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