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Party building leading health steps to walk a healthy life companion. (Hubei Daily) News (Correspondent Zhou Liya)On the afternoon of March 29, the Seven Branches of the Yujiatou Community, Yangyuan Street, Wuchang District, and the Weima Fitness Association of Jianghan District, Wuhan City, to carry out the “Tianma Self -Endless” activity.Atmosphere.
The team set off in an orderly manner.Correspondent drawing
At the beginning of the event, the coach of Wuhan Weitian Team introduced safety matters to the participants, reminding everyone to consciously maintain public environmental sanitation and maintain the team order.Subsequently, the coach led everyone to warm up before exercise, and the participants fully moved their limbs, and moderately stretched the leg muscles and ligaments to ensure that the body entered the exercise state quickly.
After completing the warm -up, the walking activities officially started.With the coach’s “departure” password, the participants took a steady steps, starting from the community neighborhood committee, the goal was to point out the Wuchang River Beach.During the journey, the participants enjoyed the scenery along the way, enjoying the fun of sports, and showing a full spiritual state. They raised their heads, waved their arms, firm pace, and stabilized along the established route in laughter and laughter.Go forward to form a beautiful landscape.
It is worth mentioning that during the event, many surrounding residents also joined their own walking teams.Mr. Wang, a resident of Yijingyuan Community, said that the mica team often carried out national fitness activities in nearby parks. Everyone was neat and full of energy. This national fitness atmosphere was infected with themselves, and it was integrated into the team to exercise.
Action photo.Correspondent drawing
This offline activity not only enhanced the physical fitness of the community party members, but also closer the distance between each other, reflecting the scientific and healthy life concept of “green, low -carbon, environmental protection”, and creating a good atmosphere of national fitness.The relevant person in charge of the Seven Branch of the Yujiatou Community said that the next step will carry out special fitness activities in more communities around them, popularize scientific fitness knowledge and methods, and guide more people to participate in sports fitness and improve the health literacy of the whole people.Form a social atmosphere of everyone’s love, pursuit of health, and promoting health.
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