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[Olympic Encyclopedia] What are the Olympic sports sports?

Today, follow the volunteers of the Xiamen Olympic MuseumChen YulongOlympic Encyclopedia of the Olympic Museum of Xiamen Olympic Museum “What are the Olympic Sports?”.

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What are the Olympic Games?

Racing, iron cakes, jumping, long jump, confrontation (such as wrestling, boxing) and equestrian competitions (including chariots and horse riding competitions) are projects of ancient Olympic Games.

Although the characteristics of many ancient games have been retained in the Modern Olympics, it has changed significantly in the past century.

Today’s Olympic Games include sports projects under the management of at least 25 International Single Sports Federation.At the subsequent Olympic Games, other sports were also included, but in total, it could not exceed 28.They are constrained by the World Anti -Doping Regulations.

The sports on the Olympic Games are divided into sub -items and small items.The sub -item is a branch, which can be divided into one or more small items.Different rankings will be generated in the Olympic trials, and different awards will be generated accordingly.For example: In the Summer Olympics, the wrestling sports include two points: freedom and classic.In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the wrestling included 14 men’s items (both of which were available) and 4 women’s items (only free).

In the Winter Olympics, skate skiing itself is not a sport, but a split of skiing.In the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, skiboard skiing consists of three small items (men and women), three small items (men and women), a parallel turntable, skateboarding off -road, and U -shaped pool.

In the history of the Olympic Games, many sports such as crickets, tug of war, and dives have appeared.Other sports, such as the three iron people and taekwondo, are also included in the Olympic Games.Some exercises are incorporated into the Olympic Games after being removed, such as tennis, archery, rugby, golf, curling and sled.

The International Olympic Committee decided whether a sports could be included in the Olympic Games and formulated sub -items and small items.However, in terms of technical rules, the international federation of each single sports is stipulated, such as rules, equipment, venues, referees, and so on.In the 1896 Athens Olympics, there were 9 large and 43 small items.In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, there were 28 large and 302 small items.From these different data, we can see the evolution of the Olympic Games.

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