Nenas Cueta expected to move up to the starting lineup?

Nenas Cueta had a great preseason for the Boston Celtics, shooting 13-for-15 from the field. According to MassLive reporter Brian Robb, the Celtics may consider signing Cueta to a full-time contract.

Under a two-way contract, Cueta would receive playing time for several games, and the Celtics would also have the right to convert his contract to a standard contract later in the season.

If the Celtics lose Kristaps Porzingis and/or Al Horford inside, Cuetta will get more playing time.

Cueta’s future with the Boston Celtics depends on the state of the Celtics’ interior. If the Celtics lose Porzingis and/or Horford, Cuetta will have a chance to move up to the starting lineup.

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