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Move!Guiyang Gui’an Million Teachers and Students Sunshine Sports Start

On May 23, the summer sun was poured on the playground of Guiyang Kangyang Vocational University. Athletes, referees, teachers and students from Gui’an New District, districts (cities, counties), and municipalities directly -owned high school (secondary vocational) schoolsMore than 3,000 people gathered together to hold the launching ceremony of Guiyang Gui’an Million Teachers and Students Sunshine Sports in 2024 and the opening ceremony of the 13th Primary and Middle School Student Games in Guiyang.
Li Bo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Guiyang Education Bureau, Mao Yuehua, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Guiyang Kangyang Vocational University, Zhao Xuemei, deputy director of the Guiyang Sports Bureau, and Li Wei, deputy county chief supervisor of the Guiyang Education Bureau, attended.
Starting ceremony scene
At the ceremony, Li Bo announced the launching ceremony of Guiyang Gui’an Million Teachers and Students Sunshine Sports in 2024 and the opening of the 13th Elementary and Middle School Student Games in Guiyang.Teachers’ representatives read the Sunshine Sports Initiative. Athlete representatives and referee representatives came to the stage to take an oath in turn, expressing that they would be a strong determination to be physical exercise and constantly strengthen their body.
Li Bo announced the opening of the event
Zhao Xuemei speech
Mao Yuehua speech
In recent years, the city’s education and sports departments have conscientiously implemented the party’s education policy, implemented the national fitness plan, and based on the integrated development of Guiyang Gui’an Sports Education to promote the comprehensive development of virtue, intellectual, physical and labor and labor in the city of primary and secondary school students.The “Ten One” activities in elementary schools are the direction, with sports activities, art exhibitions, and research practice as the carrier. The comprehensive quality of students in the city has been comprehensively developed.In the past year, the city’s youth athletes have won the good results of 32 gold, 32 silver and 16 copper at the first student (youth) sports meeting, and vividly show the self -confidence of the city’s students (youth) athletes.
The holding of this event is not only a concentrated manifestation of the city’s sports competitive level, spiritual style, and good image, but also a large test of high -quality development of sports education in our city in recent years.
Exhibition site
At the scene, students from Guiyang Kangyang Vocational University conducted the sports education skills display of “Guizhou Drum Rhyme Dragon and Lion” and “Youth Yongyou Rope”.The youth chapter shows a moving youthful style in the jump.
Campus road running scene
After the exhibition, with a shot, the teachers and students made a campus road around the school playground. The leaders and guests also kicked off the city’s “campus football” main away football game.Subsequently, the students quickly entered the state of “fighting”, grabbing, passing, offense, and defense, you came and went, wonderful.With their exquisite footwork, wonderful shots, and tacit cooperation, they show the unique charm of football.It is worth mentioning that in this campus football game, the city took the lead in introducing the main and away game system in the province, allowing the event to return to the campus, which greatly increased the number of players in the competition.Further the function of reciprocating campus football.
It is understood that this year’s primary and secondary school sports conference competition includes football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, track and field, rope skipping, fencing, fitness exercise, swimming, etc., will continue until late July.The relevant person in charge of the Guiyang Education Bureau said that in the future, the Municipal Education Bureau will vigorously carry out the city’s million teachers and students sunshine sports, continue to promote the development of school sunlight sports, build more communication and competition platforms for young students, and promote GuiyangStudents have developed in an all -round way, moral, intellectual, physical and labor, and contribute to Guiyang for the training of national sports reserve talents.
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