JD Sports Outdoor Super Product Day officially broke out, Anta, Mu Gao Di, and Yunix’s big sports equipment every 300 minus 60

  When the spring flowers bloom, it is when they are in the green, and many people have begun to check in the tie up in Zhangluo.A few days ago, the “Sports Social Consumption Observation” released by the Jingdong Consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute showed that 70 % of the respondents under the age of 35 said they were willing to make new friends through sports.trend.

  At the same time, about 60 % of the respondents tend to actively discuss equipment options with “exercise” and show a pragmatic consumption attitude in the process of purchasing equipment.In order to meet the diversified needs of sports, from 8pm to 24:00 on March 19th, JD Sports Outdoor Super Product Day officially broke out.Adidas, Jordan, north, Mu Gaosheng, Xidsheng, Guangwei, Yuniel, Yenix, Keep, Lululemon and other domestic and foreign sports brands, bring good sports and outdoor fitness professional sports, as well as 60 minus 60 per crossing storeValue -value discounts allow consumers to easily achieve freedom of exercise.


  According to the research data of Jingdong Consumption Observation, the two basic sports on hiking/fitness and mountain climbing are the most enthusiastic projects for young people. It also drives consumers to be more inclined to start comfortable running shoes, sportswear, running shoes, sports pants, etc.Category with higher amounts.This time the JD Sports Outdoor Super Product Day brought a variety of sports shoes and clothing.Endurance sports such as marathon; Duramo, a light running shoes with breathable mesh materials, make the mountain climbing and running steady and easy.In terms of dressing, the Moly Vivi charge of the three -dimensional living pleats, and the classic Icon jacket north of the north side of the nano -level porosity waterproof film, all are the most free and comfortable word -of -mouth items.


  Turning from “Holy Wine Wine” and “Online Games Monster” to accompanying cycling, fishing, and skateboarding in nature, many young people say that sports society not only exercises the body, but also allows friends to communicate deeper and tacitly.Form the social concept of “inviting people to eat”.JD Movement Outdoor Super Category Day Selected Heidesheng Halber 350 Mountain Bicycles, the transmission is more accurate and smooth; the current fishing tends to be younger, sitting firmly on the folding moon chair of Mu Gao Di, holding 360 ° rotation and reinforced rod slightly light.Weihai Tatto’s extremely casual rod is to ensure that the fish control is “stable and fierce.”In addition, the light and wear -resistant DBH blue elephant professional skateboard, and the 7 -layer maple wood layout of Justice boiling skateboard, also allows skateboarding enthusiasts to better get the cool experience of “flying in the air”.


  Friends I met in the sports field have common hobbies. JD data shows that young people have loved “friends with the ball” since March.The transaction of trained badminton trainers increased by 457%.Unix carbon mid -rod badminton rackets with groove frames can better reduce wind resistance and improve the control of the ball; Li Ning badminton racket set with only 2 eggs, which is more suitable for entry -level sports enthusiasts.For consumers who love table tennis, the red double joy of table tennis sticky five -star table tennis racket can be improved, making offense and defense more freely.About three or five friends, with the widening and deepening of the TF1000 basketball with the deepening of the deepening process, come to a hearty basketball game to release work and study pressure.