Janus and Girvan: rematch would ‘open Pandora’s Box’

Jenas and Given: Replaying Liverpool vs Tottenham would be a “can of worms”.

The game became mired in controversy after Luis Diaz appeared to have given Liverpool a first-half lead only to see the goal incorrectly ruled out for offside.
VAR Darren England and assistant Dan Cook failed to overturn the decision, leading to PGMOL releasing the audio of discussions between the match officials.

Liverpool went on to lose the game 2-1 and Klopp has said it was an “obvious mistake” and “the outcome should be a replay”.
Speaking ahead of Matchday Two in the UEFA Champions League – shown live and exclusive on TNT Sports – Jenas said: “Yeah, I get his frustration.
“It was an absolute shocker from the PGMOL and VAR in general, [but] where do you draw the line?
“And then Spurs will ring up and go ‘well actually, you know the [Moussa] Sissoko handball in the Champions League final [in 2019]?’
“Should we replay the Champions League final then at the same time because all of a sudden they changed the handball rules the year after?
“So, it’s a really unfortunate thing and I get his frustration, I think asking for a replay is just ridiculous though.”

Janus and Girvan: rematch would ‘open Pandora’s Box’

And although Given also understands Klopp’s anger, the former Newcastle United goalkeeper was in agreement with Jenas.
“I think he’s obviously upset, it was the wrong decision,” he said.

“A replay for me, no chance. There’s absolutely no chance. It would open a can of worms for all sorts of people to refer back to it. So I don’t think that’s got any legs.
“I think it might be tongue in cheek, he probably knows himself that it’s not going to happen. But I can understand why he’s upset, but there have been VAR decisions in the past for other clubs that have gone against them as well.

“It’s time to put the past behind us and focus on the Europa League.”

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