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How to move scientifically?Please collect this exercise guide!

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Recently, the consensus of the Chinese experts (2023) of the Chinese experts (2023), the applicable people include chronic patients, health groups, and sports injuries, etc., helping people reduce damage while gaining the benefits of exercise.From the aspects of exercise frequency, exercise intensity, exercise time, movement method, exercise, and advance exercise advancement, various elements can be analyzed in detail, so that we can formulate more effective exercise solutions in combination with our own situation when formulating the exercise plan.Essence

Exercise frequency

Exercise frequency refers to the number of days of performing exercise plans per week.The World Health Organization recommends that the frequency of aerobic exercise is not less than 3 days/week. The diversified exercise time we weekly is 3 to 5 days.The strength of the same muscle group and the frequency of endurance movement is better, 2 to 3 days/week; the frequency of flexibility exercise is best performed every day.You can still obtain health benefits only 1 to 2 times a week, but only 1 to 2 exercises per week to reach the recommended amount, which may increase the risk of exercise damage and sports center vascular disease.

Exercise strength

It refers to the degree of force of the body during exercise.Sports intensity is usually a scope, and the exercise strength should be determined according to the age of the individual, the level of daily physical activity, the level of physical fitness, and health.Adults are usually recommended to use medium -intensity aerobic exercise; for those who have regular exercise habits and better physical fitness, they can choose a larger intensity aerobic exercise; for initial athletes with irregular exercise habitsPower can also be used as effective start strength.It can also be evaluated, adjusted, or refined the individual’s exercise intensity through subjective force.People who perform medium -intensity aerobic exercises can speak but cannot sing. When performing large intensity exercise, they usually cannot say complete sentences.

excercise time

The time for aerobic exercise refers to the total time of exercise in the day.The recommended exercise time can be completed continuously, or it can be completed in a few times.The aerobic exercise time used to improve cardiopulmonary endurance every day should be more than 30 minutes (excluding preparation and finishing activities).When formulating muscle strength exercise and flexible exercise plans, it is necessary to specify the number of groups of each action, the number of repetitions of each group, the time required for each group of exercises, the time interval between several groups, and the time interval between the group.

Exercise method

The exercise method can be divided into aerobic exercise, resistance exercise, flexible exercise and balance, and coordinated exercise depending on the different ability of physical exercise.Walking is a way of sports that is generally accepted.When formulating a sports plan, we should follow the specific principles of exercise training. The requirements for sports skills from simple to complexity, and the requirements for physical fitness levels are from low to high.When formulating a exercise plan, you should also consider that different exercise methods should also include a variety of motion modes that apply different impact stress or use different muscle groups.


The amount of exercise refers to the total amount of exercise per week. The strength, time, and frequency of exercise are factors that affect the total amount of exercise.The amount of aerobic exercise consists of the time, frequency and strength of the movement; the amount of movement of the resistance of the resistance is composed of the strength, frequency and the number of group exercises of each muscle group, and the number of repeated times per group.The World Health Organization recommends adults at least 150 to 300 minutes of medium -intensity aerobic exercise, or 75-150 minutes of greater intensity aerobic exercise, or equivalent combination of equivalent combination of medium and large intensity aerobic exerciseThe amount of exercise per week over 300 minutes is medium intensity, or the greater intensity of 150 minutes will obtain more health benefits.You can estimate the amount of exercise through the number of steps you walk every day.The minimum exercise volume per day is 7000 to 8000 steps per day, of which at least 3000 steps should be fast (steps> 100 steps/minute).


Advanced exercise depends on the health state, age, personal sports hobbies and purposes of the body, as well as the body’s ability to tolerate the current sports level.For healthy adults, the advancement of exercise should include three stages, that is, adapting, improving and maintaining stages.The advanced speed of the motion plan depends on the individual’s health, physical fitness, exercise response, and motion planning goals.Advanced is usually the frequency of exercise and the time of daily exercise, and finally adjust the strength of the exercise.At the beginning of the exercise plan, especially those with irregular exercise habits, adopting a “low starting point, slow increase” strategy can reduce the risk of exercise -related cardiovascular disease and exercise damage, and also allow us to get satisfaction from exercise.It’s easier to stick to it.

“I don’t lose weight in April, and the mournic in May” has now entered the spring, the weather is warm a lot, and there are more people who exercise.Frequent exercise can enhance physical function and promote blood circulation. However, if you do not prepare sufficient preparations before exercise, the effect of exercise will not only be greatly reduced, but may also be counterproductive.

In addition to those who like to move outdoors, there are also people who like to do some targeted fat -reducing fat and muscle exercises in the gym.How to exercise scientifically and reasonably to avoid exercise damage, Du Shuangqing, director of the orthopedic department of Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gave suggestions.

Du Shuangqing Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Regardless of any exercise, do not do a large amount of exercise activities immediately.In addition to doing full stretching movements, friends with older age should choose the exercise that suits them according to their age and constitution. It is not recommended to do some strong combat exercises.

In addition, Director Du also reminded everyone that if you feel unwell or have obvious exercise damage during exercise, choose braking as soon as possible, rest in place, and go to the clinic for targeted treatment as soon as possible.

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