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Foreigners: Chinese food lacks cultural connotation, Chinese people are blind and confident in food

In a period of comments from a foreigner’s view of Chinese diet, a foreigner believes that although Chinese cuisine is rich, Chinese cuisine should be studied like Michelin, and the Chinese should work hard to enhance the cultural connotation of food and culture.Essence

The foreigner’s suggestion seemed to be kind and took out Michelin for example, saying that Chinese cuisine did not have an advantage on Michelin, and not many on the list, especially in appearance.

In fact, he did not know Chinese food at all. Chinese cuisine is not welcomed by Michelin because the Michelin standard is determined by Western people. The standard does not meet the Chinese food culture and cannot be recognized by the Chinese.

In terms of appearance, the delicate Chinese cuisine is much more exquisite than Michelin. It is not understood that foreigners from food dishes to eating and fun.Another example is the full seat of Manhan, rich in variety, exquisite dishes, vivid food carvings, and even the plates that are put on food.

Now that we return to this foreigner’s suggestion, he believes that Chinese diet lacks cultural connotation, and we should strive to improve it. Don’t be blindly confident.

Is the Chinese blindly confident in food?显然不是,真实的情况是我们的确应该对我们的食物有自信,看看外国人餐桌上的食物,那些被他们视为边角料的食物,那些被他们划了等级的食物,廉价食品、穷人食物、Normal food is caused by Westerners who can’t eat it and don’t know how to eat it.

Another example is the internal organs that are regarded by Westerners as corners and garbage. They are delicious in Chinese food. At the table of Westerners, the culinary technology is limited to solve the fishy smell of organ flesh.

Such as chicken feet, in addition to cultural constraints, Westerners do not eat chicken feet.They think that chicken feet are not hygienic and unclean.As Chinese food is popular in the lives of Westerners, chicken feet, such as traditional Chinese culture, will be tried by some Westerners. In the end, they will find that chicken feet are so delicious, but they will not eat it.

Besides, the lack of cultural connotation in Chinese diet may be the most funny jokes we have heard.Chinese culture has a long history, and the history of many foods has exceeded 2000 years, such as dumplings, steamed buns, tofu, moon cakes, hot pots, noodles, rice dumplings, etc., Bake, boil, fried, stew, etc.

Not only does food have cultural connotations, from production, to festivals, to stories and legends, the cultural significance we give food is unimaginable by Westerners.For example, moon cakes are not only a cultural food that contains more than 5,000 years of Chinese culture. The cultural heritage has a long history. The origin of moon cakes can be traced back to the life of the Chinese people during the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

Look at those foods that “give” cultural connotations in the West?Have it?The only thing they can imagine is the bread they eat. It is a food with less than 3,000 years of culture. Like the pizza they eat, the Italian noodles are all learned from Chinese food.Even the knife fork spoons they eat may be from Chinese food culture.

He also dares to compare Chinese cuisine by Michelin, saying that Chinese diet lacks cultural connotation, and belongs to self -entertainment and self -confidence. He really does not know that he is high and thick.

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