Food safety special personnel capacity verification super full analysis

Original Title: Super Food Safety Personnel Capability Verification

Food Safety Manager will usher in a new specification

In 2019, the “Notice on Continuing to Carry out the Collection of New Professional Information” was issued to publicize new professional information for the society.A few days ago, procedures such as independent declaration, expert evaluation, written solicitation of relevant departments of the central and state agencies, and public opinion solicitation for the society, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments officially released the corporate compliance and food safety manager to the society., Integrated circuit engineering and technical personnel, company financial advisor, transliterator, used car broker, automobile rescuer, drinkingist, service robot application technicians, electronic data evidence obtaining analysts, vocational trainers, password technology applicants, architecture curtain wall wallDesigners, carbon emissions administrators, pipe gallery transport workers, wine designers, smart hardware installations, industrial visual system operation and maintenance officers, including 18 new occupational information.It marks that food safety is included in new occupations, and food safety has ushered in new development.

On November 1, 2022, the General Administration of General Administration issued Order No. 60. Among them, the second of which was in my country, the main person in charge of food production and operation enterprises, as well as food safety managers and other food safety managers such as food safety director, food safety officers, etc., they should implement food safety responsibility and their behavior supervision and management Applicable regulations.Article 3 Food business enterprises shall establish and improve the food safety management system, implement the food safety responsibility system, and be equipped with food safety director, food safety officer and other foods such as the size of the enterprise size, food production category, risk level, management level, and safety status.Safety management personnel, clarify the positions of the main person in charge of the enterprise, the director of food safety, and the food safety officer.Large and medium -sized food manufacturers, large and medium -sized catering service enterprises and chain catering enterprises headquarters, large and medium -sized food sales enterprises and chain sales enterprises headquarters, diners with more than 300 people canteens, school cafeterias with more than 500 dining people, and number of peopleMore than 1,000 units need to hire the director of food safety. A certain scale of food safety companies are equipped with food safety officers and food safety officers and food safety officers have carried out work in new positions to comprehensively promote the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise.

Is it necessary to get a food safety manager certificate?The answer is yes.

The holding of the ability verification certificate means that you have a certain amount of food safety management knowledge and skills, which is the basic requirement for related work.Secondly, this certificate is also a strong proof of your professional ability and professional literacy, which can increase your competitiveness in the job search market.

Furthermore, the work content of food safety managers involves many aspects such as food safety risk assessment, food production process supervision, and food safety accident treatment. It is necessary to have solid professional knowledge and rich practical experience.By obtaining a certificate, you can systematically learn and master these knowledge to lay a solid foundation for your career.

The development prospects of food safety manager

With the country’s high attention to food safety, food safety management institutions have unpredictable development prospects:

1. The state encourages all kinds of food companies to equip food safety management personnel.

2. The food safety manager is included in the national emerging occupation.

3. Food companies have a large demand for food safety managers.

4. Practitioners can gain career development by continuing learning.

In summary, the food safety manager plays an important role in the implementation of the main responsibility of the company’s food safety, and is an emerging profession full of development prospects.

Ways of identifying

Verification methods are generally divided into online examinations or on -site assessments to encourage online methods.At present, personnel ability verification work takes an online unified examination, and the trainees log in to the personnel ability verification comprehensive service platform for online assessment.