Could the L.A. Derby be in the playoffs?

Despite all the hype surrounding the L.A. Derby playoff series between the Lakers and Clippers, the two teams have never met in the postseason, according to a social media thread started by Fadeaway World today.

“Are we finally going to see a real L.A. Derby this year?”

The answer is a possibility.

Based on the current situation, both the Lakers and Clippers could advance to the playoffs in the play-in round. The Lakers are currently in seventh place in the West and the Clippers are in sixth place in the West. If both teams are able to win in the play-in game, then they will meet in the first round of the playoffs.

Could the L.A. Derby be in the playoffs?

Of course, this is only one possibility. If both the Lakers and Clippers lose the play-in game, then they will be out of the playoffs.

If the Lakers and Clippers do meet in the playoffs, then it will be a very exciting series. Both teams are Western Conference powerhouses with strong star-studded lineups. The Lakers have James, Davis and Westbrook and the Clippers have Paul George, Leonard and Morris.

The game between these two teams has been one of the most anticipated games in the NBA. In the regular season, these two teams have already met twice, with the Lakers winning two straight.

If these two teams do meet in the playoffs, it will be a true L.A. Derby, which will be a dream matchup for NBA fans.

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