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Chinese disabled athletes actively prepare for the Paris Paralympic Games

Original title: Chinese disabled athletes actively prepare for the Paris Paralympic Games
Beijing Daily (Reporter Zhuo Ran) May 20 is 100 days for the opening countdown of the Paris Paralympic Games.The reporter learned from the China Disabled Persons Sports Management Center yesterday that the Chinese team has won 19 major entries in Paris Paralympic Games.In addition, there are projects such as track and field will strive for more qualifications.
The Paris Paralympic Games will be held from August 28th to September 8th. A total of 549 small items such as archery, track and field, wheelchair basketball, etc. are set up. Compared with the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the large number is consistent.It increased by 10.At that time, 4,400 athletes from more than 160 countries and regions will participate.The Chinese team has obtained qualifications in 19 large projects such as swimming.
At present, four teams such as swimming, archery, weightlifting, women’s wheelchair basketball team are training at the Chinese Disabled Personal Management Center.Among them, the Chinese Disabled Persons Swimming Team has won 48 Paris Paralympic Swimming Projects.
The Chinese Disabled Persons Weightlifting Team has won the full qualification of the Paris Paralympic Games.In mid -June, the team will participate in the World Cup.
There are currently 11 athletes in the Chinese Disabled Persons’ archery team participating in training in Beijing.The team has obtained 12 qualifications for the Paris Paralympic Games and will participate in all 9 small competitions.
The Chinese women’s wheelchair basketball team first appeared on the Paralympic Penalty Popular Pinerium in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, and won the championship at the Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Association last year.During the Beijing collection training, the team participated in the international women’s wheelchair basketball training camp. Through the exchange, the gap was found to further find the direction for preparing for the Paris Paralympic Games.
Source: Beijing Daily
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