China’s highest environmental protection standard-China Environmental Mark Product Certification


  China’s environmental logo product certification is commonly known as the “Ten Ring Certification”, which refers to evaluating and reviewing products based on certain environmental and quality standards to prove that it meets the requirements of environmental protection requirements.The purpose of environmental logo product certification is to encourage enterprises and consumers to choose environmental protection products, reduce environmental pollution, and promote green production and sustainable development.In May 1994, the establishment of the China Environmental Mark Product Certification Committee marked the official start of the Chinese environmental logo product certification.


  The Chinese environmental logo logo consists of the central green mountains, green water, the sun and the surroundings.The central structure of the graphic green mountains and the sun indicate the environment that humans depend on the survival. The ten rings on the periphery are closely combined, which is closely linked to indicate the public participation and protect the environment together. At the same time, in Chinese, the word “ring” in ChineseThe word “ring” of “environment” is the same, and its meaning is “connecting the whole people to protect the environment that humans depends on the survival.”The China Environmental Marking is owned by the Ministry of Ecology and the Trademark Bureau of the State Intellectual Property Office, which is protected by law.

  Certification classification

  Environmental logo product certification is divided into:

  China Environmental Mark Product Certification (Type I)

  Self -Environment Declaration (II) certification

  III environment declaration certification

  China Environmental Mark Product Certification (Type I) is a compliance certification based on ISO14024 “Principles and Programs and Programs for Declaration I” to meet the technical requirements of the environmental logo product and product quality standards in accordance with the product;

  Self -Environment Declaration (II) certification is based on GB/T 24021 IDT ISO 14021 “Environmental Management Environmental Sign and Statement Self -Environmental Statement” to organize its own environmental characteristics of its own products.The authenticity and validity of the self -declaration are verified;

  Type III environmental declaration certification is based on GB/T 24025 “Principles and Programs of the III Environmental Declaration of Environment and Declaration of the III”, which provides relevant products in its entire life cycle (including raw material acquisition phase, manufacturing processing stage, transportation stage, and use stageDivision in the scrap phase) documentation of information on environmental impacts provides verified and comparable quantitative environmental information for products on the market.

  China Environmental Mark Certification Product Types

  The types of product certification (type I) involved in China’s environmental logo include furniture, building materials (water -based coatings, solvent -shaped coatings, wooden floors, adhesives, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramics, doors and windows, cement, concrete, walls), Household appliances (refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, energy -saving lamps), daily necessities, textiles, automobiles, office equipment (computers, copy machines, printers, fax machines, etc.), ink, regenerative drum powder box, ecological residence, ecological house, ecological house,Solar energy (hot water system, heat collector) and other current 109 products.

  For details of environmental logo product technical standards, please refer to the official website of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment:

  Role and performance

  Environmental logo product certification plays a positive role in promoting the formation of a virtuous circle of “consumption guidance to production, production adapting to consumption”, and the green transformation of the production field and the consumer field.


  Help government green procurement

  In 2006, the former State Administration of Environmental Protection and Finance jointly released the “Opinions on the Implementation of Government Procurement of Environmental Mark Products” and the first phase of the China Environmental Signing Products Government Procurement List. This marks that environmental signs have been accepted by government procurement, which also means that our country is in my country. The government’s green procurement system is comprehensively established.

  As of now, more than 90 environmental logo products have entered a political service list. Through environmental logo certification, the certification products are included in the government green procurement list.For more than 10 years, nearly 1 million product models have entered the scope of government procurement of environmental logo products in China.From the perspective of government procurement data in 2020, the government procurement scale of environmental signs reached 81.35 billion yuan.

  In 2019, in order to implement the requirements of the “decentralization service” reform and improve the government’s green procurement policy, the Ministry of Finance, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the “Notice on Adjusting and Optimizing the Implementation Mechanism of the Government Procurement of Energy Conservation and Environmental Marks” “The government procurement mechanism of the environmental sign product has changed from the original product list to the product list system.According to the requirements, the “China Environmental Mark Information Platform” was launched, and the “Guide to Certification of the China Environmental Mark Certification” was released, and the Chinese Environmental Marks and Technical Committee was established.Management documents; concentrated training for the relevant knowledge of China’s environmental logo, continued to ensure the standardization of environmental logo certification work, and effectively guarantee the smooth progress of the environmental sign of government procurement.


  Bidding Evaluation advantage

  The evaluation method of the bidding documents stipulates that “the products of the bidding are 5 points in the“ Products of the Government Procurement List of Environmental Mark Products ”formulated by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


  Guide the industry’s green transformation and development

  In September 2010, in accordance with the “Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the “Regulations on the Management of Printing Industry”, (formerly) General Administration of Press and Publication (now State Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Administration) and the Ministry of EnvironmentAgreement, decided to carry out green printing work together.In October 2011, the former General Administration of Press and Publication and the former Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the “Announcement on the Implementation of Green Printing”, which proposed specific processes of printing production equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, publications, packaging and decoration and other printing products.It is required that the standard standards such as tablet printing, commercial bill printing, concave printing, and ink are the technical basis for green printing. Environmental logo product certification is the main way to implement green printing.As of now, 1.3 billion volumes of primary and secondary school textbooks across the country have achieved full coverage of green printing, and some infant readings have also begun to implement green printing; 60%of the bills have achieved green printing, 40%of publishers use green printing publications, printing companies, printing companiesThrough the development of environmental signs green printing certification, the production technology was improved, the discharge of pollutants such as VOCs during printing, and accelerating the upgrade of the printing industry, leading the green development of the industry.

  Since the implementation of the green printing strategy, the green printing and certification system has been established. A total of 3 green printing standards have been formulated, 5 original auxiliary materials standards have been formulated. Nearly 2,000 printing companies have obtained the green printing certification of the Chinese environment.More than 600,000 people.According to statistics from 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), in 2016, 1.3 billion albums of primary and secondary school textbooks have achieved full coverage of green printing, and some infants and young children in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have also begun to implement green printing.Nearly 55%of the working environment of printing practitioners has been improved.Green printing has expanded from the printing process to publishing, distribution and other press and publishing industry chains, involving 40%of publishing houses across the country.Textbooks and teaching auxiliary materials printed with the “China Environmental Symbol” and “Green Printing Products” have entered the daily learning life of primary and secondary school students, so that parents and children have a vivid understanding of environmentally friendly products, and cultivated the peopleIn particular, the environmental protection concept of adolescents has become a priority product for enterprises and consumers, and it is an important basis for the society to choose green products.At the same time, it also actively promoted the consumption of China’s environmental logo products in key areas such as electronics, daily chemicals, home furnishings, and retail.

  Through the implementation of green printing, the discharge of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in my country’s printing industry decreases year by year; energy -saving measures such as central ink supply systems, environmental protection oven, and central gas supply systems have been reduced to effectively reduce the energy consumption of equipment in the industry; The amount of usage has exceeded 70 % of the total amount of the glue printing equipment; the use of environmentally friendly ink has accounted for 30 % of the total use of ink.The amount of pre -coating membranes has accounted for nearly 30 % of the total amount of membranes.More than 50%of small and medium -sized micro -printing enterprises have formulated environmental protection systems and adopted energy conservation and emission reduction measures.


  Make environmental performance

  According to the “China Environmental Mark Product Performance Evaluation Report” (2022 edition), in terms of air pollution reduction, 405,400 tons of volatile organic matter (VOCS) in 2021, which is equivalent to 2.68% of my country’s VOCS human source emissions ; Greenhouse gas carbon dioxide reduction is 4.5141 million tons, which is equivalent to the annual carbon exchange of 500,000 hectares of forests.

  In terms of water pollution reduction, the total phosphorus reduction of 3,610 tons in 2021 is equivalent to about 40 nest lakes.In terms of solid waste disintegration and emission reduction, 8617.1 tons of plastic packaging decreased in 2021, accounting for approximately 0.4 ‰ of the annual output of plastic soft packaging in the country.In terms of saving energy resources, environmental signs products in 2021 Energy 23.858 billion kWh, accounting for about 19.35%of the electricity consumption in Beijing; 345 million tons of water saving, accounting for about 28.7%of Beijing’s annual tap water sales; decreasePlastic raw material consumes 197,600 tons; saving 947,000 tons of pulp, which is equivalent to saving nearly 14.5 million trees for 8 years; then 1.4518 million drum powder boxes and inkjet boxes are used; 7,215,100 tons of industrial waste residues are eliminated.


  Perfectly promote green consumption

  According to the “Research Report on the Investigation of the Status of Green Consumption in China” (2019 edition), consumers’ awareness of the “China Environment” increased from 38.60%in 2014 to 70.95%.The willingness to purchase, use and sell environmentally friendly green products and consumers to purchase safe and reliable green products for purchasing safe and secure green products are continuously enhanced. Consumers are not only willing to buy high -quality green products, but also pay attention to the impact of the ecological environment in the production method.Compared with other green environmental protection certifications, 61.41%of the interviewed companies believe that the “China Environmental Symbol” best reflects the environmental protection characteristics of the product; 35.34%of consumers believe that the “China Environmental Symbol” certification is credible; 60.85%of the respondents buyProducts that have been certified by the “China Environment”; 90.73%of the respondents who have no purchase have a willingness to buy.


  Strongly promote international mutual recognition

  The China Environmental Mark Plan has actively participated in the global environmental logo cooperation. Since the signing of the first environmental logo mutual recognition agreement in 2005, the Chinese environmental logo has signed it with Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Thailand, Nordic and other national environmental logo agencies.Mutual cooperation and agency agreements, at the same time, the Chinese environmental logo has also joined GEN (Global Environmental Logo Network) and GED (Global Environmental Product Statement Network), becoming a member of the environmental logo international family.The barriers provide powerful weapons.While learning advanced international experience, the achievements that China have achieved in the world in promoting green consumption and helping the formation of green production methods and lifestyles to the world, further enhance the international influence and discourse rights of the Chinese environmental logo.

  The development of China’s environmental logo product certification