Capturing the Action: A Parent’s Perspective on Sports Photography

As the fall sports season kicks into high gear, dedicated parents like Joseph Burke are back on the sidelines, cameras in hand, ready to capture those priceless moments of their young athletes in action.

In the picturesque town of Scituate, Joseph Burke is known for his knack for freezing the perfect moments on the field. His secret? A keen eye for positioning and the right equipment. For soccer and football games, he strategically stations himself in prime locations such as the goal area or the end zone. It’s all about ensuring that the athletes are facing his lens, so parents can relish seeing their children in action just like he did as a proud parent.

To achieve these remarkable shots, Joseph equips himself with a small folding chair and wields either a 400mm or 80-200mm lens. His goal is to capture the intensity of the game, whether it’s players battling for the ball or a single athlete making a game-changing play. Patience is key as he waits for the perfect moment, often when the players are driving the ball towards the goal, or when a defender makes a decisive move to block or steal the ball. It’s in these moments of high-stakes action, complete with pushing and shoving, that he finds the shots that tell the story.

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Capturing the Action: A Parent’s Perspective on Sports Photography

Technical finesse also plays a role. Joseph sets his camera to shutter priority mode, ensuring a fast shutter speed of at least 1/800th of a second to freeze the action. He deftly adjusts the ISO settings to adapt to the varying lighting conditions, ensuring that the shots are always crisp and vibrant.

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For football games, Joseph positions himself approximately 30 yards ahead of the scrimmage line. This strategic distance allows him to capture both running plays and passes while avoiding any accidental collisions with players. When he senses a quarterback’s pass could lead to a touchdown, he positions himself at the back of the end zone to capture the crucial reception.

Joseph’s commitment to his craft extends to his choice of equipment. He relies on a monopod to support the weight of his camera and lens, ensuring stability and precision in his shots. Often, he juggles two cameras—one with a long telephoto lens and the other with a shorter lens to capture the exuberant end zone celebrations.

While capturing youth sports may offer more flexibility, the challenge of high school sports photography is all part of the thrill for dedicated parents like Joseph Burke. His commitment to getting the perfect shot is a testament to the unwavering support and pride that parents feel for their young athletes.

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