Bayern Munich battles Barcelona for German talent

Barcelona are facing a strong challenge from Bayern Munich in the race for Leverkusen star Florian Wiltz. Bayern Munich are reportedly working on an “ambitious plan” to make the homegrown talent a stalwart of the team. However, Wiltz’s contract is not due to expire until 2027, making a move unlikely.

FC Barcelona’s interest in the talented German player Florian Wirtz is clear for all to see. Even at first glance, the agile Werkself player’s style of play seems ideally suited to the Catalans’ possession-based style of play.

But Barca’s financial situation is a much harder secret to keep – and signing Werkself might be difficult anyway. But the latest reports from Munich complicate that plan even further.

The record-breaking club are said to be in fierce competition with FC Barcelona in a tug-of-war for the German super-talent, according to reports.

FC Bayern officials are implementing an “ambitious plan” to make Wiltz one of their pillar players. Bayern have traditionally been very interested in homegrown talent and Wiltz is no exception. His ‘luxury duo’ with Jamal Musiala is a promising one, and the pair have recently made their mark on the DFB team.

Wiltz’s remaining tenure secured for now

Werkself fans should feel reassured, however, that they will be able to cheer on Wiltz in Bayer colours for a while yet. Father and advisor Hans Joachim Wirtz confirmed to Kicker in January that the super-talent will remain at Leverkusen until at least next summer’s Champions League.

The hot talent doesn’t want to deal with a transfer just yet: “I still have a fairly long contract. That’s why I don’t need to worry about my future right now,” said Wiltz: “We’ve had a very good season at Leverkusen so far and are happy at the club. That’s why I only think about Leverkusen.

Bayern Munich battles Barcelona for German talent

Eurosport assessment: Leverkusen are likely to reshuffle after next summer’s European Championships. FC Barcelona have long been interested in Wiltz, but must first earn triple-digit revenues to make a serious offer. Wiltz’s contract runs until 2027 and does not include a departure clause. This is a favorable negotiating position for Bayer Leverkusen, who are unlikely to sell the 20-year-old for less than €100 million.

FC Bayern Munich is a club that is always looking for ways to improve its squad, and one way they could do that is by signing Florian Wirtz from Bayer Leverkusen. Wirtz is one of the most promising young players in the world, and he would be a valuable addition to any team. However, it is unlikely that Bayern will spend 100 million euros on him again so soon after signing Harry Kane. But Wirtz is a player that Bayern should be interested in, and a sale before 2027 is likely.

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