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Athletic sports lead the two games of national fitness.

On April 21, China Sports Lottery · 2024 China Return Grand Prix (No. 2), 2024 China Athletics Volkswagen Objects and Chongqing Guangyang Island Walking Event was held on the same day in Guangyang Island, Chongqing, more than 200 professional players and 500 studentsSports enthusiasts enjoy the passion of sports on the beautiful Guangyang Island.
More than 200 players gathered in Guangyang Island to show competitive sports style
China Sports Lottery · 2024 National Race Grand Prix (No. 2) is hosted by the China Athletics Association, Chongqing Sports Bureau, and Chongqing Nanan District People’s Government.The talents of bidding are promoted to the popularization and development of the competition sports, the development of the track and field cause, and helping the construction of a strong sports city in Chongqing.
The competition set up a man and women’s adult group 20 kilometers away, the men’s and women’s youth group played 10 kilometers, the men’s juvenile group A competed 10 kilometers, the women’s juvenile group A was 5 kilometers, and the men’s juvenile group B was 5 kilometers.257 professional athletes from 30 teams from various provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country participated in the competition.
This competition is held in Guangyang Island, known as the “Yangtze River Scenery Eye, Chongqing Ecological Island”. The track is a highway ring track.Essence
The successful holding of this event received strong support from the Chinese Sports Lottery.Since the Sports Lottery is issued and sold in our city, it has always adhered to the brand concept of “public welfare body lottery”, and gathered warm and light society positive energy.As of the end of 2023, Chongqing Sports Lottery has been tired of raising 14.713 billion yuan for the social collection of sports lottery. These public welfare funds have been widely used for national fitness plans, Olympic lighting plans, earthquake relief, rural rejuvenation, and disabled.Promoting the development of public welfare, helping healthy China, and helping the construction of a strong sports city in Chongqing played an important role.
2024 is the 30th anniversary of the unified distribution of China Sports Lottery. China Sports Lottery will continue to adhere to the original intention of the National Public Welfare Lottery, adhering to the purpose of “coming to the people and using it to the people”, and promote the “responsibility, responsibility, responsibility, responsibility, responsibility,The road of trusted and high -quality national public welfare lottery tickets “is steady and long, helping to realize the longing for the general public for a better life.
Competitive sports lead the whole people’s fitness, 500 people walk a few people to enjoy the spring light
On the 21st, in addition to the Chinese Sports Lottery for professional athletes competition, in the 2024 China Race Grand Prix (No. 2), another 2024 Chinese track and field popular standards and Chongqing Guangyang, which participated in 500 ordinary sports enthusiasts,Shima Jianbu’s event was also held in Guangyang Island at the same time.
The activity is directed by the China Athletics Association and sponsored by Chongqing Chongma Sports Development Co., Ltd.. The event aims to popularize track and field knowledge, promote track and field sports, spread healthy lifestyle, allow more people to participate in sports, promote national fitness andThe deep integration of national health.
Guangyang Island in April, a beautiful scenery of spring.At eight o’clock in the morning, the event was issued on time. In the vibrant Guangyang Island, 500 sports enthusiasts took a step -by -step spring to embrace nature, taste the beauty of the landscape, and enjoy the fun of sports health.Among the sports enthusiasts participating in the event, the oldest is 76 years old, the youngest is only 3 years old.Although the distance of 5 kilometers is not long, for the popular sports enthusiasts, it is enough to let everyone experience the atmosphere of the participation of the whole people and the health of the whole people.
Mr. Li, the oldest participant in this event, is 76 years old this year. He is a senior sports enthusiast. It said that he participated in the event and felt healthy and full of happiness. “I hope that more similar similarity will be held in the future.Sports activities, age is not a problem for fitness. As long as there are healthy physique, you can participate in more sports activities. “
After completing the walking walk, many participants also arrived at the Chinese Sports Lottery.The good atmosphere created by sports can realize the perfect integration of competitive sports and mass sports, and lead the development of national fitness sports.
Upstream journalist Bao Jing
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