APEC Summit’s Impact on San Francisco Businesses

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit had a significant impact on San Francisco businesses, especially those located in the safe zone around Moscone Center. During the week of the summit, many businesses experienced a decline in traffic and sales.

Challenges for local businesses

Celine Nasser-Elddin, owner of a store in the Safety Zone, reported a significant decrease in business activity during the week.
Steven Martinez, manager of Bota Restaurant in Union Square, said the restaurant was very cold during the summit.
Both owners expressed relief that the summit was over and hope that business will return to normal during the holiday season.
Positive results

APEC Summit’s Impact on San Francisco Businesses

Steven Martinez noted that heightened security measures during the summit resulted in a positive change in the atmosphere of the city.
London Mayor Brideau acknowledged the difficulties faced by local businesses, but also emphasized the positive impact of recent legal rulings in addressing homelessness.
Looking ahead.

Business owners are looking forward to the holiday season, which they hope will bring more traffic and sales.

Overall, the impact of the APEC summit on San Francisco businesses was mixed. Some businesses experienced a decrease in activity, while others benefited from increased safety and tourism.

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