Al Roker believes his granddaughter helped him on the road to wellness

Al Roker is one grateful grandfather!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 69-year-old Today Show host said his granddaughter, Sky Clara Laga, helped him with his recent health issues.

“I’m doing great, I’m doing great. I’ll tell you what keeps me going is that I have a new granddaughter,” he said.

Roark told the media that the best thing about being a grandfather is that “you get to love them and then you love them back.”

“If I knew they were so much fun, I would have had them first. That’s what’s best,” he added.

Al Roker believes his granddaughter helped him on the road to wellness

Sky welcomed the weather anchor’s daughter, Courtney Roker, and her husband, Wesley Laga, on July 3. Shortly after her daughter’s birth, Roker told the Today co-host that becoming a grandfather was an “amazing thing.”

“The thing is, everybody tells you it’s going to be ‘this thing,’ but you don’t know; it’s like when they tell you you’re having your first child. And then to hold this little girl, because I know about 35 years ago I held her, her mom? She was right here, weighing 5 pounds, 15 ounces, 19 inches long, perfect,” he said.

Last month, he chronicled his first overnight stay at Sky in an Instagram post. In the caption, he wrote, “Perfect weekend. Thank you @ouichefroker and @thatteacherwhodjs for letting me take care of my little Sky Clara for the weekend. i forgot how hard it is to be alone with a 3+ month old. 24 hours without a shower. Whew.”

Rocker then shared a photo of him setting up a bottle station on his kitchen counter.

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