After entering the office building by multiple formats

  Small theater, independent bookstores, clothing buyers, boutique coffee shops, floral studio … In recent years, the business format of entering office buildings is becoming more diverse.The characteristics of low cost, large space, and good independence seem to be in line with consumers’ expectations of personalized, composite, and experience space.

  How do office buildings bring more possibilities to offline consumption space?What challenges will its management and operations face after introducing multiple formats?Can this trend be an opportunity for building updates and building brands?

  The reporter visited the survival and development of different formats and buildings, and tried to find the answer.

  Reporter Xiao Yawen

  Determined to “move”

  In the spring of this year, Zheng Shuyi moved his clothing studio for 3 years from Global Port to the 21st floor of the United Building.

  It is only about 300 meters from Global Port, but the rent is nearly 40 % less.

  After leaving the shopping malls with huge traffic, convenient transportation, and rich supporting facilities, will customers come?

  Soon, this question has the answer.For more than a month when the studio was reopen, Zheng Shuyi was busy every day. Old and new guests would come to patronize, and the average daily turnover was almost the same as before.

  ”On the one hand, we have accumulated a good reputation for a long time, and on the other hand, the display on the Internet platform has produced real traffic conversion.” Zheng Shuyi said.

  In 2020, Zheng Shuyi founded his own clothing brand and set the first store at Global Port.

  ”We have been in Global Port for 3 years, including 3-4 employees, including me, and the performance is very good for a time. But as the rent price has risen years, I feel that the degree of freedom of brand development has been limited.Determine to make some changes in the store and move to the office building. ”

  Zheng Shuyi told reporters that unlike the brand chain clothing stores in the mall, it is difficult for the boutique clothing stores similar to “buyers” to compete with other clothing brands in the mall.And we fight for new speeds, uniqueness, combination ideas and aesthetics, which is basically impossible to increase profits by lowering costs. ”

  In Zheng Shuyi’s view, the personality of the “small shop” is the foundation of its standing. Once it sells “explosive models” in order to reduce costs or reduce personalized “public models”, then the significance of doing offline retail does not exist.It’s right.

  After moving to the office building, Zheng Shuyi’s biggest feeling was “dare to buy.””After the rent cost is reduced, I can be bolder when choosing a model. I can do more expansion on the category. I am not so worried about pressing the goods. The new frequency has also become higher.”

  When the “personality” of the small shop is continuously manifested, consumers are quickly brought to the store by the aesthetic of “bright”.

  When I came to the store in the office again, the biggest feeling of old customers Lilith and friends was that the “border sense” of consumption is becoming more and more blurred. It is not so much a special shopping.The experience of wearing, and they are willing to pay for a new feeling.

  Zheng Shuyi regarded these changes as a “energy -level improvement”.

  In her opinion, opening boutique shops into office buildings will be a future trend.”Today, many people go to South Korea and Japan to consume consumption, often for some buyers hidden in the depths of office buildings or community alleys. These unique charm shops are becoming the real motivation to drive urban consumption.”

  Ge Pei, another clothing brand, also has similar insights.

  As early as a few years ago, she decided to move her street stores to the office building.This year, the number of stores has reached 4, and they are all open in office buildings.

  Online stores, test clothes are normal.But in the conversation with customers, Ge Pei learned that consumers are becoming more and more afraid of trying clothes -trying clothes for a long time, not satisfied after trying, I can’t buy it … These problems make them becomeDon’t dare to walk into the offline store.

  Ge Pei understands that under the continuous rent, each shopping guide has to bear high performance pressure, which will give birth to an invisible “oppression”.

  ”Without enough time and space, how can consumers find their own products?”

  It was to understand this problem that Ge Pei decided to transfer the clothing store to the office building.Low rent, large space, good independence … The advantages of office buildings can just fill the needs of consumers.

  In terms of customer acquisition channels, Ge Pei put his eyes on the line.”In the past, the window attracted pedestrians into the store; today, we can put the window on platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Public Comment, and even on the circle of friends of customers.”

  Ge Pei’s stores are all open in office buildings. The store is relatively large. Some stores have about 100 square meters. Based on sufficient space, Ge Pei’s effort will quickly become a new “window”.

  ”Customers are happy to take selfies here.” Ge Pei told reporters that the mirrors in the store are customized, the bottom is close to the floor, and the upper circular arc is designed to be designed to show the randomness of the randomness when taking pictures.And visual extension.

  In addition to retaining its basic dressing function, Ge Pei also forms an atmosphere display area through lighting, carpets, and peripheral decorations. “Trial beautiful clothes, almost every customer is willing to take the initiative to take pictures.”In Ge Pei’s view, “sharing desire” is the best “customer acquisition channel”.

  In recent years, the attraction of office buildings to specialty stores has not only been in the clothing industry.

  The “Painting Little Man Coffee Studio” is located in a office building in Qibao. The biggest feature of the coffee shop is “painting villain”.From the wallpaper posted by the store to the paper cups and paper bags used in the coffee, everything about coffee has become full of personality under the brush of the owner.

  The “New Lane Coffee” on the South Road of Xiangyang is located on the 25th floor of the office building. The store is not large. It only opens the door on the weekend. There are no more than 15 seats for eating.However, the mystery of the high -rise coffee shop and the landscape of the Hengfu style area still make many citizens coming.

  Luming Bookstore (Aiyue Space), located on the 7th floor of a written building in Pudong, opens second -hand book delivery, which not only enriches the richness of the store collection, but also allows many old book enthusiasts to return to the bookstore and allow bookstores to operate one moreSupport point …

  In the office building, the format is updated and young people are gathering.For tens of millions of specialty stores in the city, it may be a relatively low rent that gives them more space to do more exploration.

  When the building becomes a brand

  Compared with traditional business types, the running -in period of small theaters and office buildings is longer.

  In 2020, the first small theater in Shanghai Star Space was born on the 4th floor of the Asian Building.At that time, the Asian Building was not known for its small theater, and it was not dazzling among many buildings in the central urban area.

  ”You can’t believe that at the time of our theater, all rights were defended and quarreled.”

  Ruan Hao, the founder of the Star Space of Shanghai Asia Building, told reporters that it was more difficult than expected to open the small theater into office buildings.

  In the past, relying on the theater on the People’s Stage, many rehearsal halls and offices in Star Space were placed in the Asian Building.Considering the size and operating cost of space, the matching of office buildings and the small theaters is also quite high. Therefore, the team believes that the small theater is almost logical.

  ”According to the law of the development of the drama, from the rehearsal hall to the small theater is an important part of the growth of cultural formats. Only after the market is refined can it go to a larger stage. And the relatively low level of rent in office buildings can basically cover 100 100The performance cost of the small theater in the small theater allows the fare of the small theater to be controlled in a reasonable range, “Ruan Hao said.

  However, what Ruan Hao did not expect is that the format of the Asian Building is very complicated, and there is almost no threshold at all, which has a greater impact on the early shape of the star space.

  At that time, most of the shops downstairs in the theater were doing jade business, and some shops operated Cordyceps sinensis. Some shops not only did not verify the qualifications of business qualifications, but also exaggerated the product through exhibitions from time to time.

  ”At that time, someone came to quarrel every day. Many people said that it was a scammer building by many people, and it was very unfriendly to create the brand image of our theater.” Ruan Hao told reporters that the bad format not only affects the experience of the audience, but also is invisible to the virtuality.Increase the safety risk of the theater.

  After that, Star Space opened decisively and negotiated with the owner, and got the management rights of the floor into his own hands.

  From 2020 to the present, Star Space has won 9 levels and 19 spaces of the Asian Building, becoming a large owner with a rental area of more than 1/3, and Star Space has also “launched” the property team operating themselves.

  ”I heard that we want to use our own property, and other owners are very happy, because they know that the level and quality of the star space will definitely be higher than before.” Ruan Hao said.

  According to him, although it is a small theater, the service and processes of the star space are completely in accordance with the standards of the Grand Theater. The entrance hall not only guides the staff on buying tickets, ticket collection, and venue consultation.Serving audiences from afar.A series of related services such as the scheduling table, theater ticket inspection, and the theater are also incorporated into the daily operation and management of the Star Space on the daily operation of the Asian Building.

  In addition, the Asian Building has very strict management in fire safety.Among them, the drama floor is used in accordance with the theater requirements, and the flame retardant materials are used in walls, decoration, and setting; there are many instructions inside the building that no bright fire is allowed;It is convenient for the audience to “brush the drama”, on the other hand, control the flow of entrances and the security of entry and exit.

  Another difficulty is how to transform the office space.

  The height of the office space is often designed according to office needs. Therefore, this has a certain challenge to theater lights and sets.For example, the height of the Asian Building is about 3 meters. Many dramas need to abandon traditional lighting and setting methods during creation and rehearsal. Relevant staff must design the theater environment without destroying the building structure.

  However, although there are many difficulties, the Star Space still regards the Asian Building as the “soul” of the small theater. Unlike the star space of other commercial complexes, the “agglomeration effect” generated by multiple small theaters in the Asian Building isIt is difficult to estimate.

  At present, Star Space has not demanded the formats of other floors of Asian Building. Relying on their strong operating management capabilities, coffee, drinks and other formats that adapt to the theater have been incorporated into their own business category.

  The Asian Building relying on the star space also brings higher awareness and more customers to other shops in the building.

  A designer of a handmade jewelry shop in the Asian Building told reporters that he often encountered the drama “Migratory Bird” in recent years. They also noticed other formats in the Asian Building after watching the drama and consume them with options.

  ”Music enthusiasts usually want to” change ‘to rings or necklace pendants in a special way to “change’ or actor names.” Designer said.

  At this stage, the main person of the jewelry store is looking forward to the Star theater in the Asian Building that can link more with other stores in the building.Get further extension. ”

  There are also troubles in office buildings

  Whether it is a traditional store or a small theater, it does not mean that everything is good.

  After “moving”, Zheng Shuyi had some more troubles.For her customers, it is quite difficult to find and arrive in the small shop in the office building.

  First of all, find the door to the office building.Different from the business industries with multiple entrances and clear marks, the entrance and exit of the United Building are only one main entrance, and there are almost no obvious signs around the building.Once the customer can’t figure out the position of the main entrance, you need to bypass the distance.

  Secondly, if customers inquire about whether “a certain clothing studio in this building” after walking into the building, the probability that the answer obtained is “we don’t know.”The volume of writing buildings is large, and there are many enterprises and commercial industries that settled in, and the management of managers in this area is not strong.

  Finally, due to the office attributes of the office building, customers need to explain the situation with the security guards, and they also need to be led by the security guard to the elevator mouth and swipe the card to reach the corresponding floor. This process will greatly reduce the shopping experience.

  An intermediary who has long been engaged in the office rental business told reporters that in the past, the business in office buildings mainly focused on supporting business, such as the needs of catering, beauty, hairdressing, and leisure massage of office groups. The business format was relatively single.Nearby, service and guidance are not needed.

  However, in recent years, with the influx of characteristics of characteristics, some brands and settlements have begun to put forward requirements for the overall appearance, infrastructure maintenance, and service management level of the building.”They not only want to find places that are consistent with their own brand style and tone, but also hope that the overall service level of the building can be aligned with commercial complexes.”

  However, in different office buildings, the proportion of office and commercial leasing is very different.According to reporters’ visits, the commercial lease ratio of Asian Building can reach more than 80%, and the office only accounts for a small part of it. The joint building is still mainly based on the office format, and the proportion of commercial leases accounts for less than 15%.In the face of different service objects, if you want to achieve personalized precision services, you must pay higher costs.

  In addition, due to the complexity of the owners of office buildings and difficulty in management, the property company is currently focusing on “support”, and the focus of building management is on safety guarantee, maintenance and repair of hardware facilities, clean and tidy building, and “soft softThe level of operation service, building rejuvenation, brand building, etc., there are quite a lot of space waiting to be excavated.

  for example.The nail shop where Luo Ai is located is located in the office building where the “New Lane Coffee” is located. There are several service stores such as beauty nails and handmade customs in the building. The service length is generally more than one hour. Customers like to have a cup of coffee at this time.

  However, for a long time, Luo Aizhi didn’t know that there was a coffee shop upstairs.Therefore, she can only recommend customers to order takeaway nearby. Customers must not only wait for a long time, but also add a rider’s delivery fee to drink coffee.

  In Luo Aizhi, the level of service operation of office buildings can start with the “internal cycle” of opening up the building.

  ”If there is a building guideline manual, consumers can go downstairs to do nails and handicrafts after buying coffee. They can also provide the possibility of experiencing other commodity services for people who drink coffee.”

  In Luo Aizhi, although this is just a manual, what is needed behind it is the change of building management ideas.

  A grass -roots worker in Huangpu District told reporters that after the emergence of flexible office, the market’s demand for large -scale office space has declined. At the same time, many emerging business formats want to enter office buildings., Sleep management, etc., some formats and even managers have never heard of it.

  And this also caused two crickets in the transformation of building services: information asymmetry and supply and demand did not match.Simply put, you don’t know what to do with each other.Even if you know it, it is difficult to make a substantial change.

  In fact, office land is not complicated in terms of procedures, but the complexity of safety management is not an equal order at all -whether different formats need to be equipped with different fire safety standards, whether the number of building elevators is equipped with the number of building elevators.The flow of people who can ensure the peak period, how to control the standards for the transformation of water and electricity in the store, etc. All details need to be determined in practice and exploration.Only after the hardware is completed can we comprehensively consider operation and overall upgrade.

  ”The idea of relying on building managers alone is not enough. Without corresponding laws and regulations as support, there is no government and community intervention and financial support, and many things cannot be advanced.” The grass -roots manager told reporters.

  According to him, starting this year, his street will develop a big background for office buildings.After finding out, how to allow different subjects to participate in the operation and management of office buildings together, accurately match the stock space with the new format, and transform from basic property services to comprehensive governance, maximize the value of the building to maximize the value, and benefit the renters and owners. Everyonethere’s still a long way to go.