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After Amazon and Wal -Mart, shein became the third largest online fashion retailer in the United States

The pace of Chinese companies in overseas markets is continuously deepened.

Recently, global data and business intelligence platformsStatista quotes the latest data of the ECDB website, showing thatSheinRankUSAthirdBig Online Fashion Retailer,RankAfter Amazon and Wal -Mart, they rankedTraditional retail treesBefore Messi Department Store and Nike.Shein has also become the only Chinese company in the top five online fashion retailers in the United States.

according toECDB website data,Amazon and Wal -Mart areUSAThe first two majorFashion retailer,Both retailers sell various products through online and physical stores.At 2023PackNet sales are reached respectively$ 12.3 billion and $ 8.9 billion.LisenShein,With a rich diversified, cost -effective fashion product and high -quality and convenient services,SheinalreadyExceedThe fourth -ranking American retailer Messi Department Store (MACY’s) and the fifth ranking Nike, the latter two companies in 2023PackNet sales are respectively$ 6.4 billion and $ 4.5 billion.

at present,Shein has formed“sincehostbrand+Platform “dual engine developmentUnique mode.In the field of independent brand,SheinSupply with innovative flexibility on demandWith online retail model, BuildoutIncludeSHEIN insteadAutonomousfashion brand,at the same time,Shein is constantly applying digitalizationTechnology empowering traditional industries transformation and upgrading,,Over the years, the informationization and digital transformation of suppliers have been thoroughly empower to suppliers.Make the overall information circulation, matching and collaboration more efficient,,Effectively reduce inventory, reduce waste, and improve the overall efficiency of the industry.

It is reported thatShein has formed a flexible supply chain system with Guangdong as its core. It not only provides suppliers with digital technology tools for free, but also provides full -process training counseling involving enterprise construction, business management, and personnel quality improvement to help traditional clothing factories transform into modern enterprises.In order to better empower the supplier,Shein has also built more than 60,000 square meters of “Clothing Manufacturing Innovation Research Center” in Guangzhou, which continues to explore the construction of standard -based standard factories, and conduct innovative research on manufacturing technology, equipment, fabrics, etc.Its supplier outputs and opens.

Be2023At the end of the year,Shein self -help subsidySuper130 supplier factories430,000 square metersFactory expansion and reconstruction,Number of beneficiaries22,000 people,,Over600 suppliers are empowering training; public welfare funds such as Jixingguang support more than 400 supplier employees’ families.

In addition to changing traditional clothing manufacturing with digital technology and reduced waste at the source,SHEIN independent brand runs through the whole process green and sustainable development conceptEssence

In the near futureSHEIN uses cold -printed denim process technology to produce environmentally friendly denim fabricsObtain international authoritative institutionsBureau Veritas certification, compared to traditional denim fabric production methods,SheinCold -to -printed denim craft technology can save Gundam70.5%water consumption,,It is a green change for denim production, and it is even moreShein is an important exploration of high -quality and sustainable development of the fashion industry.

From the perspective of the industry,SheinWith an innovative model and firm graspofTechnology, brandAs well asmarketingOrdinary advantages,Breaking the situation where international fashion brands and enterprises were monopolized by the European and American markets in the past. Its industry -leading innovative flexible models and demand models, continuous improved product power and brand power are continuous in the domestic fashion industry.TowardsBoth of the smile curveBrand and technology, R & D riseEmbodiment,,TooChina’s fashion industry worldwideInfluencepromoteJack of microcosm.

Authoritative consulting company in the United States“Morning Consult released”2023The fastest growing brand in the United States“SHEINandChatgpt, OpenAI, Facebook, Cocacola, etc.internationalityHead brandSelected, becoming the listOnly a Chinese brandAs well asIt is also the only fashion brand selected worldwideEssence

on the other hand,based onHisty salesNetwork, mature marketing experience, and innovative supply chain system,,SHEIN continuous development and iteration,Continuously expand platformization modeIntroduce more third partiesSellerWith the brand, help more high -quality productsAs well asBrandCross -border exports andInternational development.OperateEmpowermentAnd operateMultipleThe form of cooperation provides a third -party merchant who is good at doing products and brands to go out to sea“Menu” choice helps the development of the international market of merchants and bring more consumer choices to overseas consumers.

to this endShein launches integrated empowerment measures to help sellers go to sea with high quality,Shein platform provides sellers with includedFull process training system, operation and tool empowerment, one -stop performance support, order and payment support, low investment cost, comprehensive competitiveness improvementBesideA series of growth and empowerment, and increase the strengthening“New Excellent Merchants” support.

last yearShein specially launched the “Gravity” million seller plan and the national 500 city industry to bring out to sea to help more Chinese manufacturing and Chinese brands go out to sea with high quality.Since 2021, the SHEIN platform has covered the seller of over 300 city industry in the country.

existUnder the SHEIN platform model, shein’s own flexible and flexible supply chain model also empowers fission to more industries with merchants, from home to accessories, luggage, etc. More industrial band merchants use digital technology innovation traditions under the drive of SHEIN.The manufacturing and supply model drives the digital upgrades and quality improvement of more industrial bands.

Recent,SHEIN announced in nine European countries (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Britain) and other national platform sites, and other national platform sites are fully open to open their own operation models, and it is also reported that SHEIN will start overseas in May to start overseasIn the local semi -custody model, merchants realize overseas local stocking, independent performance, independent selection of products and reporting prices. Shein assisted in operation, and the first stop of the semi -custody was landing in the United States.

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