Ade guides Vinbanyama; Sharks’ frustration vs. Pacers; Jones loses mouthpiece

Former Spurs player Aldridge said during a recent appearance on the program that he is open to joining the Spurs coaching staff. Alder revealed that he hadn’t imagined becoming a coach due to the struggles he encountered as a player. But he is still open to joining the Spurs coaching staff, and he is willing to become a player development coach and help Wen Banyama training.air jordan 1 mid se white ice blue

O’Neal Jr. unhappy with Hield wearing No. 7 jersey

Pacers officials announced that Hield will change to wear the No. 7 jersey in the new season, which caused O’Neill Jr.’s dissatisfaction. He said, “I love Hield and the effort he puts in, and my statement has nothing to do with him, and it’s confusing and disappointing, to say the least, to see other teams recognizing and honoring the best players on their teams every year on and off the field, but the Pacers aren’t doing that!”

Ade guides Vinbanyama; Sharks’ frustration vs. Pacers; Jones loses mouthpiece

Kay Jones Mouths Off

Hornets lineman Kay Jones went off on a rant while interacting with the media on Twitter, first stating that he’s better than three-ball and Brandon Miller: “I’ve been hitting the ball better than them since I was born, and they can’t even guard me.” Then he also said that he can beat James in single combat, peak O’Neal is not as good as himself. Subsequently, Jones also clamored singles can win peak Jordan, since high school is tougher than Curry.

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