100%of the food safety liability insurance for food safety in our city

Original title: 100%of the food safety liability insurance for food safety in our city

In order to continue to advance food safety liability insuranceWork, Further improving the risk prevention and control capabilities of food production and operation, effectively protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, and promote the high -quality development of the food industry,according to“CPC Central CommitteeOpinions of the State Council on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work “,” Guidance Opinions on the Office of the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on Carrying out Food Safety Liability Insurance “deploy,,The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau actively exploresThe diversified insurance model of “government promotion, market operation, financial assistance, and voluntary enterprise” is based on the basis of comprehensively promoting the insurance safety liability insurance of the insurance, and strives to promote the insurance industry’s insurance industry insurance.At present, 212 key industries such as meat egg milk and liquor production enterprises, collective dining units in our city have all been insured.

The first is to promote overall planning and implement public welfare inclusive insurance

In order to promote the insurance safety liability insurance insured in the city, “Dalian Market Supervision and Administration’s Notice on Promoting the Food Safety Liability Insurance Insurance Insurance Industry“, Formulate a public welfare and inclusive insurance plan to greatly reduce the premium price.Making “Food Safety Liability Insurance Paper”, “Dalian food safety liability insurance workflow“, Development“Food Safety Liability Insurance Insurance Wish to Collect the QR code”, hold an online and offline “Food Responsibility Insurance” promotion instructions, etc., and promote the implementation of the work.

Second, multi -party coordination, promoting food production enterprises to insure

Focus on promoting dairy products, meat products, egg products, and liquor four -type food manufacturers to insure food safety liability insurance.Learn from other cities“Food and Insurance” work, formulate “timetable, task book, roadmap”, conduct weekly scheduling, and promote the implementation of work in an orderly manner.Strengthen communication with dairy product manufacturers and promote dairy companies to take the lead in inspection.Use the two -phase offline factory inspection for free training opportunities to preach insurance products such as meat products, egg products and other enterprises.Give full play to the role of the Municipal Beverage Association, use the association to hold the opportunity of the council, explain to the city’s liquor manufacturers on the spot explaining the inclusive policies for the insurance safety liability insurance for insurance safety, and continuously expand the coverage of insurance enterprises.

Third, urban linkage to promote catering units insured

Focus on organizing collective dining units, central kitchen and food units insured food safety liability insurance.Carefully understand the number of ledger to establish a ledger and implement the accounting management.Organize the preaching of public welfare and inclusive insurance12 games.Implement urban linkage to provide personalized services for each insured catering unit, help contact the insurance company to provide consulting services, and strengthen communication and cooperation with third -party service financial institutions.

Next step

The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will promote the promotion of food safety liability insurance in an orderly manner on the basis of insured food safety liability insurance in key food industries.At the same time, we will increase publicity, multi -channel, multi -channel, multi -way, and insurance companies and financial institutions to do a good job of promoting and underwriting due to local conditions, give full play to the social management and economic compensation functions of food safety liability insurance, and continuously improve the ability to resolve and guarantee food safety risk.


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