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▶ 100 reasons why you want to exercise!

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1. You will feel the release of it.Regular physical exercise can alleviate your tight nerves.

2. Reduce the possibility of colon cancer.A moderate amount of daily exercise, such as walking for one hour or jogging and half an hour, can reduce the chance of colon cancer by 46%.

3. Your bones will become harder.Like weight exercises can make the bones more firm, which greatly reduces the possibility of osteoporosis.

4. Reduce fat.Of course, you can reduce weight by dieting, but most of you minus your muscles, not fat.Power training can prevent you from losing your muscles while becoming slim, and aerobic training is the most effective way to consume calories.

5. Keep weight loss and not rebound.Many people who do not participate in physical exercise after weight loss will rebound in 1 to 3 years.Among those who lose weight and rebound, 95%of people do physical exercise regularly.

6. Sleep situation will be better.Perform physical exercise regularly, low wave sleep time is extended, and sleep at this stage is considered the most conducive to recover fatigue.

7. Have a whole set of excellent sports equipment.There are reason to have athletes.

8. The possibility of colds will decrease.Moderate physical exercise can enhance the function of the immune system.People who insist on walking regularly are more than one less than those who are lazy on the sofa.

9, extend life.

10. You will feel more powerful.Exercise can add strength.Middle -aged women who have a weight of more than a year have a brisk and agile body in daily life by 27%.

11. It helps to shape the body.Suitable fitness plans can help you create more round hips, strong and powerful arms and strong legs.

12. Lumbar pain can be relieved.Enhanced the power of the waist and abdomen can effectively prevent waist pain.Moreover, those who have long -term affordable waist pain can also be relieved by enhancing the strength of lumbar muscles and abdominal muscles.

13. Diverse travel methods.If you are in good health, you can even ride or walk.

14. Reduce blood pressure.People who insist on physical exercise are 30%lower than those who do not do exercise to threaten the heart.Exercise can help patients with hypertension reduce blood pressure.

15. You will be more likely to patronize the seaside sunlight bath.Physical confidence performance.

16. Help the health of the prostate.Prostate hyperplasia can lead to prostate hypertrophy and urinary tract diseases.3 hours per week can reduce the chance of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

17. Reduce the possibility of diabetes.Keeping strong body can reduce blood sugar and blood lipids, thereby greatly reducing the chances of non -insulin -dependent diabetes.If you do have diabetes, proper physical exercise can help control the condition when you are allowed by a doctor.

18. You will be more confident to become a good father.A study of 87 years of first -person father shows that for a father, people who are engaged in physical exercise are more confident than those who do not exercise.

19. Reduce the probability of breast cancer!

20. Enhance memory.

21. The chance of finding a partner has increased.A wider and healthy social circle, in the gym, may encounter the other half that is similar to you.

22. Reduce the chance of suffering from heart disease.

23. Symptoms of pre -menstrual syndrome will be reduced.Exercise can reduce abdominal distension, back pain, headache and emotional tension caused by syndrome before menstruation.If you can conduct regular physical exercise, these symptoms may not occur.

24. Employment opportunities will be more.Healthy and beautiful people are popular everywhere.

25. Work may be better.Perseverance of physical exercise for a long time will enhance your physical fitness, concentration and energy.

26. Enhance the body’s balance.As the body’s balance is improved, you can be stable even if you are old and you can get a stable posture, thereby reducing the possibility of falling and fractures due to unfavorable legs and feet.

27. Reduce the possibility of stroke.

28. Your mood improves immediately after exercise.A large number of studies have shown that after each exercise, you will feel refreshed, that is, people call “Runner’ s High “.Aerobic exercise and strength training seem to provide this psychological satisfaction.

29. Long -term insisting on physical exercise can add happiness to you.After each exercise, you feel happy, and long -term persistence will make your psychology healthier.

30. You can better cope with the discomfort caused by shifts.Exercise can help you regulate your body’s discomfort, including common sleep disorders caused by shifts.

31. Accelerate metabolism.Power training can promote your metabolism.Every time your body adds 2 pounds of muscles, you consume 20 ~ 30 kcal of excess calories every day.Although this is not a big number, it may be enough to help you avoid the problem of increased weight with age.

32. Help you save money.Saving medicine

33. Save expenditures for the company.Those employees who make full use of the fitness facilities provided by the company are less frequent.The company can save a lot of funds by encouraging employees to exercise.

34. Save expenditures for the country.Perhaps reducing debt is not the main content in your life, but long -term insisting on physical exercise is also a manifestation of patriotism.Each year, it costs 100 billion yuan of funds caused by diseases caused by obesity.

35. Enjoy more fun.

36. Neurological headache can be relieved.When a person with chronic neurological headaches conduct physical exercise, headaches will be relieved

37. Reduce cholesterol.Exercise can reduce low -density lipoprotein cholesterol that is harmful to the human body (a substance that causes arteriosclerosis).Exercise can improve high -density lipoprotein cholesterol that is beneficial to the human body.

38. Static heart rate will slow down.During the regular physical exercise, the number of heartbeats per minute will be reduced, but the blood transfusion is the same as before, thereby reducing the burden on the cardiovascular system.

39. Life after retirement will be more fun.

40. Academic performance will be better.The active girls will have a better grade and the possibility of studying university.

41. You can enjoy more fun brought by exercise.

42. There are more opportunities to reunite with family members.Let your family members enjoy the fun of sports with you.

43. If you have more confidence, you will be strong.Those who adhere to physical exercise and stipulate diet plans will greatly enhance the confidence of strong physical fitness after ten weeks.

44. You will have more endurance.

45. You will be more creative.Your creative thinking will get better and better.

46. You will have better physical control.

47. There will be no discomfort during pregnancy, and you will be more energetic and look better than pregnant women who do not exercise.The power training plan for pregnant women can help eliminate pain in the shoulders and backs.Especially three months after pregnancy, pregnant women who perform aerobic exercise seem to be more endurance than pregnant women who do not do such exercise.In addition, the hips, facial skin and body of healthy pregnant women are more beautiful.

48. Have the opportunity to learn a new language.Repeated, secondary, pectoralis, latissimus dorsi, and target areas -when you often patronize the gym or have fitness books, you can quickly speak these fitness terms fluently, which makes friends envious.

49. Has a strong and upright posture.With a strong abdomen and back muscles, you will feel tall, upright, and ingenious, and you are not sitting in front of the computer or tiredly lying on the keyboard in the past.

50. If you are a child with asthma, your dependence on drugs may be reduced.

51. Computing power will be improved.

52. Your emotions will rise higher.Studies have shown that for patients with depression, whether they are old or young, physical exercise can help them cure depression.Looking at these 80 studies, people have found that after 4 weeks of exercise, the patient’s depression seems to have weakened, but by the 17th week, the patient’s depression will improve the largest.

53. In any fierce game, you are unlikely to be injured.Strong and elastic muscles can avoid injuries.

54. You will feel younger.A study shows that menopausal women who insist on practicing twice a year, their strength and bone density are almost the same as the strength and bone density of women 15 to 20 years younger than them.

55. You look younger.

56. It is not easy to develop the wrist bone acupoint syndrome.This symptoms are extremely common in those who work in repetitive actions, such as typing, etc.

57. You can do more things at home.What you can do will increase.

58. The possibility of stress fracture will be even smaller.

59. Keep your friends more contact.Healthy, optimistic and friends will be more and more.

60. The understanding of things will be further deepened.Have a mood to feel all the beautiful things around you.

61. Find a good way of venting.You won’t yell at anyone anymore. Your resentment can be vented in boxing class. At the same time, training also consumes the calories in your body and promote your health.

62. No longer suffering from insomnia.After 12 weeks of aerobic exercise and strength training, the subjects reported that they were asleep faster and longer than before.This may be that hormones have changed.

63. If an accident accident, your body may recover faster.

64. Fully enjoy the fun brought by fitness equipment.

65. Become a person who has received much attention when he is a classmate.

66. It is not easy to get pregnant during adolescence.Among female teenagers, the possibility of athletes is less likely to be pregnant than those who do not participate in physical exercise. The first sexual experience of the former adolescence is likely to be later than the latter.

67. I won’t waste so much time watching boring TV shows.

68. Take the opportunity to go shopping.You will have more and more opportunities to buy some such as: heart rate detector or ski vest.

69. Keep your skills flexible and agile.Putting time every day to do stretching exercises (such as yoga, etc.), which helps to relax muscles and skills.

70. It will be more effective to do things.

71. Wearing a sleeveless shirt will look more beautiful.

72. Have self -confidence that benefits the rest of your life.After running 5 kilometers or 50 push -ups, the sense of accomplishment will make you meet your confidence to meet the most important customers, or date a beautiful girl.

73. Get rid of the impact of decreased weight loss and weakening immune function.Studies have shown that diet alone can cause reduced antibacterial cells, and aerobic training and strength training can make up for the shortcomings in this area.

74. He is in a downtown and is calm.Yoga, Bodhi and stretching exercises can help you regulate your mind well.Practicing deep breath can also help you control and regulate tension and depression.

75. Experience the power of unity and cooperation.When you join the fitness team, you will learn how to cooperate with each other.This will benefit you for life.

76. Become a role model for children to learn.Strong you will become a model for children.

77. The possibility of joint injury will be reduced.Strong muscles can strongly support your bones and joints.

78. Eliminate from the pain of varicose veins.After the venous wall is stretched, the blood can flow into the legs.Exercise helps to relieve swelling and pain, because leg muscle contraction can cause the blood to surge.

79. When watching TV broadcast or live sports competitions, you will admire those athletes more, or cheer for the competition.Once you start the exercise of strengthening your body, you will watch various sports competitions from a new perspective.

80. There is more hope to quit smoke.Those who actively participate in physical exercise during smoking cessation, they are more likely to quit smoking than those who quit smoking without participating in exercise.The weight increased during the period of quitting was half of the latter.

81. Exercise can increase bone density and lay a health foundation for your old age.When you are young, you can engage in physical exercise to accumulate the reserves of minerals in the bones, reducing the chances of osteoporosis that make the ancestors suffering.

82. Reduce the pain caused by arthritis.

83. Person ball activities with grandchildren.

84. Learn a lot of knowledge about your body.

85. Pets will also get health.

86. It helps to cultivate children’s ability to adapt.Sports children who love sports are more likely to extricate themselves from disappointment and adversity than children who are not good, and children who are in good health are not very stressful.

87. Blood capacity will increase.Adhering to exercise can increase the liquid component in the blood, so that the blood can be diluted, and the possibility of blood vessel blockage that causes life to danger.

88. Have more time reading newspapers and magazines.You can read and read newspapers on the treadmill and massage chair, so don’t you get it in one way?

89. Expand the social scope.When you join the fitness club, you will encounter people of different ages and occupations. The fun they bring to you may not be in other ways.

90. Specifies menopausal.

91. Successful in the scientific field.Mrs. Curie may not have run the marathon or the ball.However, studies have shown that in high schools, girls participating in the team, their science grades are better than other female classmates.

92. Turn childbirth time.Women who insist on physical exercise are one -third shorter than other pregnant women.However, this evidence is not a conclusion.The chance of a strong premature birth of pregnant women is small, and their babies will not be too light, and they rarely have low mood after birth.

93. Discover some potential you already have.

94. Eating more your weight will not increase.If you consume 2,000 calories on the treadmill a week, you can taste the fresh peach pie or eat more fruit cake.

95. The possibility of smoking will be less.Among the young men and women from 12 to 16 years old, most of the children who are used to do sports in their sporting time are significantly lower than those who have less sports.

96. Good intentions can be satisfied.Physical exercise can bring you a sense of accomplishment.

97. The possibility of gallbladder surgery will be reduced.New studies have shown that women who insist on physical exercise need to be one -third of the possibility of gallbladder surgery.This result confirmed the results of the same research that had been performed before.Doctors have already known that obesity will increase the danger of gallstones, and now the lifestyle that people can’t afford to sit for a long time may also be a factor that leads to gallstones.

98. It performs better in the game.Persistence exercise can enhance your endurance and flexibility and enable you to defeat your opponents on the game.

99. Avoid back surgery.In a study, doctors recommend that patients with back disease who do bone marrow surgery are mostly avoided by completing a strong strength training plan.After 16 weeks of training, only 3 of the 38 patients needed surgery.

100. You can better enjoy life.Put on such beautiful clothes

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